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Would You Accept Free Traffic From Me To Your Chosen Business With Nothing To Sign Up For?

Maurice Bernier
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To be totally honest and upfront, I am doing this not only to help you get more traffic but also to help increase my incoming links and search engine rankings for my blog. Of course it would be nice if you sign up for email updates or follow my blog but; That's not a must do for you to take advantage of my offer.
All I ask is that you pick an article or several from this blog, that you're interested in and leave a comment on the article with your link along with it. At the time this page was created there were 77 posts to choose from so I'm sure you'll find something you like even if it's in the archives section.

To get the most benefit from this, I suggest you also use the share buttons at the bottom of the post but not before you've placed your comment and link. Make sense?

This is a win - win situation for both of us if you choose to act on this and; You can leave as many comments on as many posts as you like.

I will also be sharing all posts daily to Twitter for our mutual success. You can read a Step-By-Step breakdown of my routine for getting this done which you may want to adopt also for your business links through my post titled: "News Flash: How To Track Your Tweets And Increase Traffic To Your Business!"

In closing, I would like to ask you this question:
"Do you think this is fair or not?"

Leave your answer in a comment below if you like.

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