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August 24, 2013

I am Katrina Oakley from the good old USA, Indiana, to be exact. I have been blogging and affiliate marketing for more than 4 years. I love blogging as it gives me a chance to share experiences and of course great products. Network marketing is a great fit with blogging, as it helps to build friendships with people all over the world who have similar interests. 

There have been so many people I have gotten great advice from. Maurice, of course is one. I have known and worked with him for almost as long as I have been online. He taught me a lot about content marketing and blogging. The entire team at LGT Marketing have also helped me along the way, I gain valuable knowledge from all.  And of course, the amazing Water Filter Lady, Laura Newton, she has also helped with many things related to internet marketing, together we build some really great websites and blogs for our downline! 

Water is a billion dollar business. Water pollution is a serious problem. The only true answer to insuring that you are drinking safe water is to filter your own. The bottled water industry is a complete waste of resources, from energy to the waste the bottles leave behind. 

My passion for saving safe drinking water began with my affiliation with Multipure home water filtration systems. From there I have done a lot of research and found other ways of filtering and enhancing water to benefit health. Some major health problems can be alleviated pr eliminated by simply filtering your water to remove contaminants. 

If you would like more information on Multipure or safe drinking water, watch this video and contact me today. Get in on this billion dollar industry. Get your share!

The only way to be sure your water is safe to drink, it to get it from your kitchen sink.


August 21,2013

My name is Scott Houge, and I'm from the United States.

I have been marketing since 1997 and have been in home based programs since that time.

I like network marketing because I like to help people, and show them the benefits of a work at home job. As well, I get to call them and talk to them, and meet some really nice people.
As well,I have the chance to help them and we each learn things from each other.

Some of my mentors have taught me things as well. One hired me to work at home and do customer support for a health and wellness business. Chuck Dhuey was his name.

I did website assistance,placed orders for people, and had control of 60,000 accounts at a finger tip. And some didn't even have a computer, so I would log into their account and place an order for them. Met some really nice people.

The opportunity I'm in now is called Wake Up Now. It has been around for 4 years. It has many savings that actually would pay for your membership even if you did not do the business end of it.
Savings on cell phone bills even if you already have a provider is one of them.
Coupons you can print out, and take to the store and get things for free as well.
And such a big back office, you will find many things that save you cash on items you already buy.
The motto here is get 3 and its free. Meaning once you have 3 people on your team,you will have no more out of pocket expenses, and the business is literally free from there on out.

It is very easy to interest people in a home business where you can have real things, and a real income. Plus we are using a marketing system that is optional, but well worth the effort.

Pre-written letters are also loaded into the system for you. So its a business in a box so to speak.

If  you're interested in a great opportunity, visit us for more information. 

Scotty Houge
Fairmont, Minnesota


August 19,2013

Connie here from the great state of OK in the USA!

I am a Mother, Grandmother and (YOUNG) Great
Grandmother, who loves Internet Marketing and Meeting new people. 

I have been online since 2009. Searching and searching for a way to make a "living" online with most of what I found turning out to be scams. 

I am finally living my dream of online success!!!

I am very fortunate to have some great mentors online. John Kielec and Maurice Bernier are two that I follow faithfully!  They are straight shooters! (They Don't Give You False Promises)

I am truly Blessed to be a part of F5M-Millionaires Club.
Joining this one program has brought me success in other programs.

The really good thing is, you can join this for a 1 time $5 to begin earning commissions and build to higher levels without further spending.

More information can be found by clicking here.

Another great program is The Power Of One Income for life.
Honesty, integrity and full control of your own money without needing to spend unnecessarily are the main focus of this program along with a Generous profit share they provide for paid members. 

The bulk of their shared revenues come from in house and public advertising that they sell. Not just that but even FREE members earn good commissions from upgraded members they sponsor!

Check it out now and see for yourself.

There are other real good programs out there now as well but, I strongly encourage you to do your own "due diligence" and leave nothing to chance as I have.

Connie Robertson


August 16,2013

Hi, I am Cecelia McCarty  

I live in San Diego, CA USA.

I began my online Internet Marketing career while I was still working full time supporting the Navy on a multi-year major program to upgrade our existing Aircraft Carriers with the latest technology. 

My first foray into Internet Marketing was in a start-up traditional MLM type business .  What I learned from that first foray was that I had a skill of which I was not previously aware.  I was able to sponsor people although I was hardly able to devote any time to this “outside” business project.  I had no real training, certainly no tools with which to work no real help from my up-line, and hardly knew anything about the internet from my extremely limited access at work.

I made money!

My next foray, was pretty similar, and to this day this second business continues to pay me.

That was it, I was hooked!

I still did not really know anything, know anybody, or understand what I was doing that worked, etc.

I was still working full time in Corp. America which greatly limited the time I had, and what I could do, etc.

It wasn’t until I joined IBOToolBox in July , 2011 that I started to meet some people on-line and started to figure out what I was doing, what I needed to do, etc.

Since then I have continued to have some good experiences, and I have also had some very bad experiences.  I have managed to get involved with a few businesses where the owners were not ethical and honest, and basically stole people’s money (mine included), and disappeared.

I have tried some other businesses based upon recommendations of people that I have come to know, like and trust, and I do not blame them, but some of these other businesses just were not for me.

I wish I could tell you that I have had nothing but a stellar experience so far, but that just is not the truth.  I have made mistakes, and I am still learning from some of those mistakes.

I think my biggest failing is that in my Corp. America career I knew that when the “experts” told me something, I could take it to the bank.  I relied on their knowledge, skills and their word, and they relied on me in the same way.  That set me up to be very trusting and possibly a little naive in the “outside” business world.  Plus having experienced 2 successes right off the bat didn’t help me gain the need suspicious mind that I now realize most really successful Internet Marketers possess.

Nevertheless, I am still a believer and forge ahead undaunted with my dreams intact.

One of the mentors that I still bless my lucky stars for having met via IBOToolBox is Wayne Miller, co-owner with his son Nathanial Miller of Affilipede.com.  Wayne Miller is a Master Salesman and actually became one of my first recruits in one of my failed business ventures.  Since then, Wayne has become a dear long distance friend and mentor who has and continues to teach me much.

I have become very close friends with many, many others from IBOToolBox and we continue to learn from and teach each other along our chosen paths.

I recently joined a Facebook Group called WeThePeopleDownlineClub.  Many of my friends and business associates and newly met people have also joined this FB Group.

Through this Group I also joined the 2 businesses they recommended for us all to join.  Because I do not want to write an entire novel here, I will just tell you a little about one of these businesses.

It is called ProMatrix Plus (“PMP”).  This business offer Lifetime Advertising for a small one-time fee which I recommend is paid via Solid Trust Pay.  For this small fee you get 3 text ads, 3 banner ads and one log-in ad.  You can promote anything you chose with these ads, and you can change your mind and change your ads too.  Other than the one log-in ad, your ads are seen all over the internet and you can even get people joining your businesses via these ads.  I am saying that people are actually getting real paying sign-ups via their ads posted on this site.

PMP offers other valuable business resources, and when you join they also add you to their company forced NO SPLITTING BOARDS matrix at no additional costs. 

Here with just a little effort of you only recruiting 2 who can recruit 2 and everybody following this one simple rule everybody can potentially become a multi-millionaire.

Even in you do not become a multi-millionaire, you will still make some very nice money and since you have Lifetime Advertising, that makes this business a no brainer to me!

If you want to join, Please contact me BEFORE you join and let’s strategize your success.

Cecelia McCarty


USA 310-658-8900


August 14,2013

Why Network Marketing? Is it Really Worth It?

My name is Clara Nolt. My husband and I live in the beautiful foothills of North Carolina, home of the (Super Fruit) Muscadine Grape and the Toxic Free Natures Pearl Products...

I began my network marketing career in 2002, knowing nothing about how to do anything online. But we knew there had to be a better way to make a living than always working for someone else, and network marketing had unlimited potential of reacing our target market.

I must admit that networking is one of the toughest businesses to run, but it has got to be the MOST REWARDING of anything I have ever seen! There is tons of help already available from honest and sincere people like Maurice Bernier and John Kielec who have done the research and are now very successful at running their own online network marketing businesses as well as guiding their members to the quickest and safest route to success!

We have found that when you listen and follow good mentors it makes the path much easier and more pleasant, and the financial gains easily accessable! Has it been worth the time and struggle? ABSOLUTELY!

Are you looking for a better way of life? Network marketing may just be your answer!

Clara Nolt

Love for The Unlearned to Learn and Earn Online!

Maurice and his friend John K  have come together to help out the ECONOMY over many countries!

Help! Not to rip people off.  When you find people that are Honest which is  very HARD to find, you should hang on their every word!

What I hate is when you find these Honest and Honorable people,  Here comes ALL, the doubt, questions,etc.
"Oh Ye of little Faith", lol

If we listen we will earn, and there will be no need to keep jumping from program to program as I use to do! 

Just being Honest. 
Keep Up the good work and your blessings will come!

Thanks for all your hard work.


Our First Featured Guest Blog Post Was Brought To You By None Other Than Established Book Author Harold L. Lamma II.

As taken from Harold's "A Master @ LIFE!" book page:

Through the experience of one man's journey, you can learn how to transform your life into a life that you love. 

Learn how to: Overcome obstacles, Live life to your full potential, Move beyond the past, Lead your own life, Use the power that is hiding within & Gain the promises of an abundant life.  "Experience Freedom"!

Harold L. Lamma II, shares his life experience and lessons learned to teach, inspire and motivate people to live the life they desire and receive the gifts of happiness, freedom, abundance, prosperity, joy and peace.

Certainly circumstances arise in which we have no control; however, our response to those circumstances is essential to the joy, peace, and happiness we experience in our lives.

You can get Harolds book either paper back through Barnes&Noble, Amazon or download his cheaper e-Book version Here

Harold's latest Blog post "Keeping others from Success!" is very insightful as he points out in a very polite and unique way, the lack of thought that exists on line with regards to people when they rate things like Blogs or products.

I strongly recommend it as a read for all since it will definitely make you stop and think the next time you rate someone or something on a blog or website.

Please show Harold your support by leaving a comment after reading his excellent Blog!

Harold, thanks for sharing this with us & please do feel free to do so again! Maybe you and I can get together one day and team up on a book? :)

If you would like to be a featured member on our Blog, simply "Follow by Email" (above right) and send your blog post or website for review to mjbarticles@gmail.com. Please send me a small Biographical profile when doing so for my introduction.

Hope you all like this New blog feature enough to leave your comment below!



Harold Lamma said...


I really enjoy what you are doing to incorporate other teams members into a higher level of success. I feel you have something going on here with this new concept.
I also appreciate the plug on my Award Winning Book; A Master @ Life! Every response to my book has totally blown me away. It seems everybody gets something different from the book after they read it. It is always interesting to see what one little thing, which can happen; can change a persons life for the better, forever!

You My friend; are onto something big in this industry.

I look forward to working with you on a continued basis, and learning some of your techniques, and secrets....

I would encourage all team members to do what Maurice recommends. He has a lot of experience in the industry, and really cares about the people he serves.

Thanks again Maurice for adding value to me!

P.s. I look forward to doing a few E-books with you Maurice!

John Gaddis said...

The internet takes a lot of the responsibility away from people. You can judge someone or something anonymously. I look forward to checking out the book.

Maurice Bernier said...

I think you will enjoy it John and thanks for stopping by!

Clara Nolt said...

Earning Is Easy if You Follow Good Leaders!

First I want to say "Thank You" Maurice, for your guidance and support to those who reach out to you for help!

Anyone who will listen to a team leader who has already experienced success and is always there to support other team members, will ultimately experience success themselves if they are willing to listen and take action!

Are you ready to stop jumping from program to program, and follow your leaders like I have decided to do?

John Kielec and Maurice Bernier are two of the most honest and respectable people I know and I feel quite safe in directing anyone to take their advice seriously!

God bless you Maurice, for your dedication and integrity!


Maurice Bernier said...

Thanks for your very kind words Clara!

When we come online and see comments or posts like this, the emotions both John and I feel as leaders just can't be described.

This is why we do what we do.

God Bless you and yours Clara!

John Kielec said...

Thank you all for your great comments. Maurice and I will always offer you the easiest way to earn income online without spending much. We believe in total honesty and give members more than what they deserve.

Once again thank you!
As always ... sending you My Best!
John Kielec

Maurice Bernier said...

My thanks to Harold, Clara, Lucille and our latest guest poster Cecelia for your contributions to our blog.

By posting your wonderful messages in here, you have contributed to this blog by adding some unique content and hopefully you will get some good advertising from it to your links.

Many Blessings and Happy returns to all of you with best wishes for a great weekend. :)

Cecelia McCarty said...

Many thanks to Maurice Bernier for inviting me to be one of his Guest Blog Posters.
Hats off to you Maurice!
Cecelia NcCarty

Maurice Bernier said...

My Hats Off To You Cecelia for having the wisdom to take me up on my offer.

I sincerely hope it helps and invite you to send me a post anytime you like!

Blessings to you and yours with best wishes for prosperity and happiness!

Lucille Dorsey said...

Hello All, TPOO4L Team,
I am happy to be apart of, the new venture (YGPF) it have me so, excited I just have no words, for it. I have received a few prospects, which is ok for there is more to come! I have been on the net for years and never seen this before. I have planned my retirement for 6 months to a year,lol
Maurice, again you know how I feel, with your kindness and sharing for you are truly a person that cares. Normally I am a quite person not wwhat to say, well,lol
God Bless
Lucille Dorsey

Maurice Bernier said...

Thanks for those very beautiful sentiments Lucille. It's comments like these that make it all worth while.

God Bless you and yours!