Monday, January 26, 2015

New Blog | 15 Items You'll Need To Prepare For The New York Or Any Winter Storm.

New Yorkers, are you prepared for the winter storm? Here is a list of 15 emergency items you'll need to prepare which will get you through it.

  1. Have 1 gallon of bottled water daily total on hand for each family member for at least 4 days in case you're stranded at home.
  2. Make sure you have a good supply of food at home before the storm hits.
  3. Having a power generator on hand before the storm could make all the difference if your power goes out (Do Not Run Inside Your Home or Garage Without Proper Ventilation!)

If Driving When The Storm Hits.

Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle containing the following:

  • Cash money in case power goes out and you need to purchase supplies.
  • 1 blanket for each member of the family.
  • 1 flashlight and conserve the battery or carry a spare battery for signalling help.
  • 1 bicycle horn or other loud alarm to signal for help.
  • 1 box of matches which could help keep you warm if you can get out of your vehicle to start a fire.
  • A shopping bag full of newspaper to help start a fire.
  • 1 snow shovel to shovel out or build a snow cave to protect you from the elements.
  • Lots of water for all passengers and conserve.
  • Canned beans or soups which you can heat up off your car engine (Simply poke holes in lid and boil off the engine block).
  • 1 or several spoons to eat your beans (Please leave car before passing gas!).
  • A healthy supply of Beef Jerky to keep your protein and strength up!
  • Hand held GPS device, GPS watch or compass in case you're lost.

By being prepared for this or any other winter storm, you could be saving a life. Even if it's not your own!

If I've left anything out, please add it in the comments section below.

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