Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Top Tip & Number 1 Source For Lead Generation In 2015|Free 1 Sign-up a day strategy for any business.

You are about to learn that when I say Free, it is indeed FREE with no catches or spending required. Only a sincere helping hand on my part to help you with your lead generation in 2015.

Greetings to all with best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving day to all my American friends!

 I don't have much to say here today except that if you want to learn how to generate your own leads on a daily basis for free and with very little effort on your part, keep on reading to the end.

 The days of pushy sales tactics via hype through email campaigns are fast coming to an end. What is taking over for generating online success is something called "Inbound Marketing." All this term means is basically this:

 Providing quality information - tools and resources to build trust with potential prospects resulting in recognition of your name as a qualified trusted professional in your chosen field or niche!

 This new blog post is a perfect example of "Inbound Marketing" as it meets and provides all the above mentioned with no spending on your part required what-so-ever!

 As many of you already know, I'm a big fan of FREE and once you get this free rebrandable PDF report, you'll also learn how to get access to your own powerful "One Sign-up A Day" lead system better known as the MYOB ListBuilder.

 "No Catches - No Gimmicks - No Spending. It's all Free and most importantly IT WORKS!"

 Here is the link to your free rebrandable report.

All my best to you and yours,


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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Business News: New Launch Of The Only Product On Clickbank Made By Clickbank.

On November 17, 2014 Clickbank went live with their new launch of "Clickbank University".

Clickbank affiliates will now be able to promote the only product on Clickbank made by Clickbank while also gaining excellent insight into what it takes to be successful as a Clickbank vendor.

 Since 1998 Clickbank has been linking digital content creators with affiliate marketers. They claim to have sold over 300 million digital products worldwide through their marketplace platform. According to their video on the new Clickbank University sales page, they also claim to have created wealth for over one hundred thousand people worldwide.

 During the 16 years of their existence, Clickbank has never had a digital product of their own for affiliates to earn from in their marketplace until now.

 The Clickbank University courses' main focus is to show the average person how to create their own digital product so that they too can add it to the marketplace with the possibility of having thousands of established affiliates promoting it for them.

 The course is broken down into three main programs of study as listed below.

  1. Clickbank University Members Area.
  2. Clickbank Builder.
  3. Clickbank University Advanced Master Classes.

 The Clickbank Builder is a click, drag and drop platform which allows the student to create their own membership websites designed to showcase their products. The third element of the course Advanced Master classes are designed to show course participants how to use advanced traffic and conversion methods to boost sales.

 Participants each receive a back office where they login to find different sections through tab links for navigating their way through the course. A few samples are briefly described below the following back office sample image.

  • Orientation tab which when clicked on is designed to get the student all set up to begin the course. 
  • Class Sign-Up tab where students can sign up for the weekly live class trainings which include Q&A sessions for helping students stay caught up.
  • Beginner section for students to easily learn how to create their own product as shown through several different course modules & videos.
  • Advanced section describing exactly how successful vendors are driving traffic and getting sales conversions.

 Learn more about Clickbank University.

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