Saturday, August 23, 2014

Is Your Advertising Dead? Top Tips & Linkedin Posts Show How To Revive It.

By reading this blog post you will learn how to revive your dead advertising campaigns through top tips and Linkedin posts. They will show you the necessary steps you should take for successfully building a new list of business clients while maintaining a good brand.

This post Is for you if:
  • You've wasted money on lead purchases that are useless.
  • You use safe lists and aren't seeing results.
  • Your banner advertising campaigns aren't producing results.
  • Your text advertising campaigns aren't producing enough new clients.
  • You've tried surf exchanges only to wind up with dead beat Freebee seeking affiliates.

This post is Not for you if:
  • You think you know everything about advertising.
  • You are sold on and believe in old school advertising methods many of which are listed above.
  • You aren't the type of person who likes to learn new marketing methods.
  • You don't like to take time for developing a true relationship with your clients.
  • You think you don't have time to learn something new (Big Mistake!).
  • You think everything will be handed to you on a silver platter and don't have to work to grow your business!

With Summer coming to a close and advertising/recruiting season fast approaching, it is vital that you get your marketing techniques in order. This all starts with you getting rid of what doesn't produce results and embarking on a learning adventure to find out what will. It's time to clean up the shop and get new tools!

What you need to get started.

To get started on putting new marketing and advertising methods into practice, you must first ask yourself these questions and write them down.
  1. What methods am I currently using that aren't producing results?
  2. What is it I like about my business?
  3. How can my business help others (highlights)?
  4. What business category/niche does my business fall under?
  5. How much time can I put in daily to promote my business and my own name (very different but can be done through the same promotions)?

After actually completing the above excercise, you will have sitting in front of you on a piece of paper an excellent outline of what you need to promote and what you need to point out to your targeted prospects.

Now it's time to put a plan into action which will build your credibility as a trustworthy leader while providing you with a new and improved client list.

Remember that while studying these resources and putting your new plan into action, your first goal should be to become a helpful trustworthy leader in your field. This means that you should put aside all thoughts of just selling and concentrate on developing a loyal following.

What you are about to discover is what I myself have done during the last 3 months (slow recruitment season). It has made a huge difference in the way I do business, my success rate and credibility as a trusted business leader.

Here are the steps of your new advertising action plan.
  1. Read all the information provided while jotting down on paper or notepad what you don't want to forget and want to put into practice.
  2. Take at least one hour a day to implement what you learn.
  3. Where you have the ability to comment including this post (don't forget to add your business link and then share), Just Do It.
  4. When you comment in any part of Linkedin, only add a link which is related to the topic and can be helpful (Do Not Spam).
  5. Always respond to any messages in a helpful manner by providing only quality content links.
  6. Never be hesitant on sharing other author material if you think it can be helpful to your client.

Here are your resource links to get started immediately.

Simply by being here now, you should know that what I'm suggesting works. Do not forget that always commenting and only after that; Sharing when you can will greatly increase your exposure. Something I make it a practice to do every single day!

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

10 Top Tips to Increase Your Twitter Follower Engagement.

I'm more than into researching old and new marketing techniques as many already know and what I found today is definitely something I have to share with you!

I strongly recommend that all my Power Of One friends implement these tactics on a daily basis to gain more business clients. It does work and doesn't take much time to implement.

As taken from one of my favorite social sites "SocialMediaExaminer" and written by Neil Patel, here are 10 Top Tips to Increase Your Twitter Follower Engagement.

  1. Keep Tweets Under 110 Characters.
  2. Tweet During Daytime Hours.
  3. Tweet on Saturday and Sunday.
  4. Share Images.
  5. Ask for Retweets
  6. Use Hashtags.
  7. Include Links.
  8. Stay Away From Lifestyle Tweets.
  9. Use Strong Calls to Action.
  10. Send One to Four Tweets a Day.

I'm not even going to try to get more detailed on how to implement these tactics since Neil does an excellent job of showing that himself. All I can add is this - "Too Much Help For Those Who Market With Twitter. Guaranteed not to disappoint."

Learn all the ins-and-outs on how to get it done properly through this link then come back and let me know what you think!

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