Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Blog: How To Earn Thousands In Residual Income With Only One Referred Affiliate.

Affiliate businesses differ from one another in many ways. Not all are scams, some will and some won't survive, many you won't be able to earn a true residual income from, some just want all the money they can get from you but;
Very few can compare with the one I'm about to show you for many reasons.

When I created "The Power Of One Income 4 Life" back in 2010, I did so with the intention of being able to bring something of true value to the world of Network Marketing. Something that would be ever lasting and for those who joined me would be something they would be proud of.

Since 2010, Power Of One has gone through many changes with several difficult decisions having been forced upon us by inside and outside influences. For three plus years we were at the mercy of other programs we fed into and that was our biggest mistake.

Although we are grateful for helping us achieve the recognition we were seeking to get started off properly, the next few years began to reveal that as long as we were a part of and feeding into these programs;

We would be at the mercy of their administrative decisions and be forever associated with those decisions without being able to have any participation or input when they were being made.

My first insight into their real motives came during the first year when I was new to owning my own affiliate program and it was a real shocker.

While having a conversation with the program owner Power Of One used to feed into regarding some weird experiences I was going through with some affiliates, I was told the following:

"People are dumb and you will come to see many of these emails. It's not about the people. It's about the money you'll make!"

He then went on to tell me that he learned that from the program owner of the opportunity he was feeding into and agreed that he was right.

As time past, I began to notice a trend taking place. Top promoters were always the first notified and placed into new affiliate programs so it could be assured that they would earn the most. And during all this time, they were claiming that their programs were for the Little Guy or Average Joe.

I know because I was one of these and after finally coming to my senses while going through a long guilt process I realized that I had to break free of these controlling self serving individuals.

For a long time I was trapped but finally in late 2013 everything changed when I confronted the program owner through Skype and let him know that he would no longer control how and when I would act with regards to my online business dealings. To say he was furious is a huge understatement.

You can visit our press room to learn more about the history of our program and see for yourself how we've evolved if you like.

In 2014 The Power Of One Claimed Its Independence!

"This is the year I would prove to those who only cared about money that it was all about the people."

I started off by totally changing our program to make it more affordable for all while still keeping the option for free members to earn as well.

I then began following true leaders and associating with them through LinkedIn where the top business people hang out. People like Amazon best selling author Melonie Dodaro & Facebook guru Andrea Vahl.

More recently I've been busy following good authority blogs with high quality content and just this week came across another Amazon best selling author Natalie Macneil who is impressive to say the least.

These ladies are greatly responsible for reinforcing in me the belief I have that time spent helping people really does pay off better than money. Especially from the daily satisfaction you get by making a difference in someone's life.

This Is Supposed To Be About "How To Earn Thousands In Residual Income With Only One Referred Affiliate" So Why All The Above?

Transparency is the best reveal and people want to know who their dealing with. Would you agree?

With everything mentioned above, you've now learned the following about me and The Power Of One:

  • When Power Of One first came online.
  • Mistakes we've made in the past including my confession of guilt by association.
  • Why we have changed.
  • What I believe in contrary to those who've tried to lead me in the wrong direction.
  • The kind of leaders I now place my trust in.

Now to show you exactly how to earn thousands in residual income with only one referred affiliate here is the action you must take when you have time.

  1. Visit ThePowerOfOneIncome4Life .
  2. Study the charts and new compensation plan very carefully and until it becomes very clear to you with regards to the unlimited earning potential now sitting within your grasp.
  3. Pay special attention to the 100% matching bonus structure while reading the compensation plan.
  4. Join my program even if it's as a Free member to get started earning repeat 10 dollar payments with no minimum withdrawal limits.
  5. Follow and read all instructions carefully during your sign-up process.
  6. Once you're signed up, read your free 31 day course titled "How to grow your income while increasing your power to succeed."
  7. Upgrade only when you can afford to and start earning those possible thousands of dollars from just One referral.
  8. Once you've become an affiliate, send an email to me anytime for support or one-on-one consultation meetings with me (Directions provided after you sign-up and you will be taken care of.)

Remember, you can always upgrade and downgrade as often as you like and still keep your total number of sponsored members down through 4 levels.

Click Here to visit ThePowerOfOneIncome4Life when you're ready to take action but, be prepared to work your business as we show you while taking the proper actions when required to increase your probability of success.

We are not a get rich quick scheme!

Thanks for your time today. I sincerely appreciate it.


"A successful affiliate program is only as good as the administration running it. For that I take full responsibility and will always welcome all member comments or suggestions!"

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Garry Stretch said...

The above is why I believe that TPOOI4L is the best opportunity around right now.

Garry Stretch said...

The above post is why "TPOOI4L"
is becoming more and more synonymous with "Success".

Maurice Bernier said...

Thanks for your kind words of support Garry. I appreciate it more than words can say.

Catch any fish during your Pig roast at the camp? :)

Pierce Meyers said...

I really appreciate your comments about how many people perceive how to make money online by living the 'there is a sucker born every minute' sales moto.

I also went threw the learning process about how to make money online over the years and also have removed myself from the 'Gospel' of making money online, or more specifically in network marketing.

I would like to add a few points that are important to me when I look at making money.

Each way of making money is valid even if you do not agree with it. I morally do not like the way many guru's treat people like 'cash bags', my choice.

Sales Knowledge is what a person really needs to learn.

Every opportunity, even TP00I4L, is a product to be sold. Learning to create a sales structure that sells these products is what most people could do for greater success.

Sales is about Money

People are the transaction that allows money to change hands

Sales is about helping people make the decision to spend the money

(Whether they really need the product, service or thing being purchased or not)

Maurice speaks like he wants to actually help people, not just sell to them, this is a big difference from the gurus who only say they want to help but don't really tell the truth in their help.

Maurice, if you want your members to make money, teach them about the sales process and how to set up a system they can manage which will help them to sell better. It is not that hard.

Maurice Bernier said...

I love this Pierce. Thanks for leaving your great input.

You've raised some very valid points and none that I can disagree with.

With regards to teaching them about the sales process, that is exactly what I'm attempting to do with the course I've created for members as mentioned on their affiliate sites.

Pierce, if you have a LinkedIn account, please add me to your connections so we can talk more. If not, I'll also provide my email account for you.



Thanks again for stopping by,


Tomas Bishop said...

I'm glad this is more about the people, instead of your own personal gain. Typically, the people that create affiliate program just want to make money off us and don't care if we make a dime!

Great job Maurice!

Maurice Bernier said...

Thanks for your support Tomas and Amen to what you have stated about the typical affiliate program.

All I can say to support what you've just said is that if there isn't a FREE option with the program you're thinking of joining to see if it's right for you, stay away from it!

Tomas, all my best to you and yours for a great 2015. :)