Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Blog Post Shows New Educational YouTube Video From Our Master Marketers Course.

After reading this new educational blog post, you will have the knowledge to create multiple business contact lists without using expensive auto-responders. It's all in our new Youtube video below.

As owner of The Power Of One, I am very proud to bring you the first of many videos from our "Master Marketers Course" series.

This first video barely touches base on our first module which was announced in one of our more recent blog posts on April 28 of this year.

Power Of One has taken a huge step in providing what most affiliates are searching for in their chosen program which is high quality educational content with emphasis on promoting their business.

Since the first step in any online business is to build a good client and prospect list, we decided that using a free service like Gmail was in fact a great way to get it done.

Just watch the video below to learn some great tips about building multiple niche lists from just one Gmail account. You'll see that Gmail can in fact work just like an auto-responder.

If you like what you see, we welcome you to get the rest of the course by joining us at Power Of One.

It's only 15 minutes in length so get yourself a refreshment and enjoy!

Important Note On Video Below:
I have no clue why Youtube decided to ban this video since I created it and own it. Since google bought them out, you need a lawyer to translate their terms, rules & regulations. For this reason, I will be looking for alternative video hosts who won't mess with what you own for the remaining modules of my course!