Monday, April 28, 2014

Breaking News: Power Of One Completes New Launch With Emphasis On Viral Income to Make Money On The Internet.

Kitchener Ontario - Power Of One Income 4 Life is proud to announce that we have completed our new launch. Emphasis will now be placed on viral income, content marketing and self branding for our affiliate members to make money on the Internet.

Recent months have given us the chance to see what is popular in the affiliate program market and we have come up with what we believe to be a better solution to increase our member's online income.

Network marketers today, simply don't want to wait months or years to start receiving a regular income. They are demanding more from their program administrators and those who don't deliver on their promises with proper instruction, good support and paying on time will be left in the dust of those who do.

Above all else, it has to be easier for affiliates to recruit so they can get that income flowing. Along with that, it has to become simple with more profits coming in from each referral a member may bring into his or her business team.

What we've done to make sure we can provide this for our affiliates is create a new viral aspect in our compensation plan. They will now earn 100% matching bonuses from their personally referred & down through another 3 levels as can be seen below.

Power Of One has gone through many aches & pains since 2010 with constantly changing developments from the program we used to feed into. This wasn't good for our affiliates since once they became a part of the program we fed into, they were given instructions by that admin which often undermined what we were trying to accomplish for members.

This is the main reason why we made major changes to our program and why we will never feed into other programs again.

Our new launch will carry out the task of teaching self branding and content marketing through our new Master Marketers Course which will be a never ending process. We currently have only 3 course modules listed on our affiliate websites but with new advertising platforms evolving every day; It won't be a lack of information that stops us from creating a never ending supply of new modules!

Below is an image of our first course module which is nearing completion and the others can be viewed on our main website by scrolling down.

As you may have noticed on our website, we are using very popular free resources to keep costs down for our members and to get them the best results possible.

We want our new Master Marketers Course to be a unique learning adventure which will conquer all fears of doing what it takes to make money online. After all, many Baby Boomers are now entering network marketing which have no clue on how to get started. Through our desktop sharing videos and step-by-step instructions uploaded in their back office, they will be able to look over the owners shoulder as he shows step-by-step what he does routinely to market his own affiliate link.

Our affiliates getting noticed through self branding, getting sign-ups through our list building, content creation strategies and the possibility of great viral residual income from only one good referral is what we are about to deliver.

We welcome all who wish to join us in our new launch for a unique learning adventure which will without doubt show you the proper ways to make money online. Viral money that grows with each year that passes!

Maurice Bernier