Thursday, March 27, 2014

Facebook Advertising. Learn How To Do It Properly & With Less Cost.

I'm not even going to pretend to be an expert on Facebook advertising but thanks to my Google Alerts on marketing tips, this lady can show you all you need to be successful at it with less cost than you may think. Introducing one of my favorite associates Andrea Vahl.

People who know me know that I search almost every day for top quality tips and products I can use to pass on to my readers and associates. I hit the jackpot on Facebook advertising when I decided to check out Andrea Vahl's "Facebook Advertising Secrets."

Many of my associates have contacted me to write a new blog post on Facebook ads in the past so it's been an ongoing topic of research for me. To find something I could present which would pass what I call my "Quality Inspection" as you can imagine is quite a relief. It took me months to find something like this!

I never thought starting a Facebook ads campaign could be so cheap & simple until I attended one of Andrea's free webinars. Once it was over, I definitely had a new outlook on what advertising on Facebook could mean to my bottom line with regards to affiliate & product sales.

Everyone knows how complicated Facebook ads can be especially for newbies but Andrea makes it all look so simple and without stress. Her workbook is actually a bonus she's added to her actual course where she teaches the following which is just a small sample of her great works:

Learn how to run a successful Facebook Ads campaign.

  • Module 1 takes you through different types of ads you can run & which are best for you.
  • How to do proper keyword research before starting your campaign.
  • What needs to be set up before running your ads.
  • How to set up your budget to reduce costs.

  • Module 2 will show you how to design the perfect ad campaign.
  • Learn to test so you get lower costs per click and save money.
  • How to set bids & determine what's best for your results.
  • Learn to run and keep an eye on several campaigns for you and your clients.
  • What to charge as an expert for running your client's campaign.
  • Learn conversion tracking for the most return on your costs.

If you decide to check out Andrea's course, you will find 2 more modules but I think I've given you enough insight so no need to list them here.

To get some of Andrea's free resources like I do or if you want to get on the list to attend Andrea's free G+ hangouts and webinars visit this page.

To gain access to all of Andrea Vahl's courses, you can see them here.

My thanks to those of you who have contacted me about this for the patience you've shown while waiting for it. Maybe I'll see you at the hangout on the 12'th.

Thanks for reading and sharing if you do!


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing these great tips. With Facebook constantly changing it's rules it can be a challenge to keep up.

Maurice Bernier said...

Your very welcome Kimberly and I couldn't agree more. That's why I don't claim to be an expert myself on the subject.

Thank you for stopping in and please do feel free to voice your opinions here anytime. :)