Thursday, March 27, 2014

Facebook Advertising. Learn How To Do It Properly & With Less Cost.

I'm not even going to pretend to be an expert on Facebook advertising but thanks to my Google Alerts on marketing tips, this lady can show you all you need to be successful at it with less cost than you may think. Introducing one of my favorite associates Andrea Vahl.

People who know me know that I search almost every day for top quality tips and products I can use to pass on to my readers and associates. I hit the jackpot on Facebook advertising when I decided to check out Andrea Vahl's "Facebook Advertising Secrets."

Many of my associates have contacted me to write a new blog post on Facebook ads in the past so it's been an ongoing topic of research for me. To find something I could present which would pass what I call my "Quality Inspection" as you can imagine is quite a relief. It took me months to find something like this!

I never thought starting a Facebook ads campaign could be so cheap & simple until I attended one of Andrea's free webinars. Once it was over, I definitely had a new outlook on what advertising on Facebook could mean to my bottom line with regards to affiliate & product sales.

Everyone knows how complicated Facebook ads can be especially for newbies but Andrea makes it all look so simple and without stress. Her workbook is actually a bonus she's added to her actual course where she teaches the following which is just a small sample of her great works:

Learn how to run a successful Facebook Ads campaign.

  • Module 1 takes you through different types of ads you can run & which are best for you.
  • How to do proper keyword research before starting your campaign.
  • What needs to be set up before running your ads.
  • How to set up your budget to reduce costs.

  • Module 2 will show you how to design the perfect ad campaign.
  • Learn to test so you get lower costs per click and save money.
  • How to set bids & determine what's best for your results.
  • Learn to run and keep an eye on several campaigns for you and your clients.
  • What to charge as an expert for running your client's campaign.
  • Learn conversion tracking for the most return on your costs.

If you decide to check out Andrea's course, you will find 2 more modules but I think I've given you enough insight so no need to list them here.

To get some of Andrea's free resources like I do or if you want to get on the list to attend Andrea's free G+ hangouts and webinars visit this page.

To gain access to all of Andrea Vahl's courses, you can see them here.

My thanks to those of you who have contacted me about this for the patience you've shown while waiting for it. Maybe I'll see you at the hangout on the 12'th.

Thanks for reading and sharing if you do!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Secret Revealed. Two Keyword Phrases I Use With Google Alerts to Find My Best Marketing Tips to Drive Traffic to My Websites

I've said it on this blog before. Google Alerts is a great place to get marketing tips. One tip I recently received was "5 Things Hollywood Can Teach You About Better Content Marketing by Matthew Kumin."

Not only did I learn great new information on marketing but by simply leaving my comment in this article, I did some marketing of my own by creating a back link to my blog. Below is a great image example that shows some traffic I received today from Discus & Clicknewz by using this advertising technique.

I felt it necessary to add that image since I just finished a good round of dicussions with a Linkedin member who belongs to the same group I do. His argument over the last two days was in reference to my blog post on Feb. 28 titled "How To Use Google Alerts, Linkedin & Pinterest To Find Top Trending Marketing Tips For Advertising Your Product, Affiliate Product Or Service  - Bonus Images With Marketing Examples Included."

He stated that he understood getting traffic from Linkedin and Pinterest but wanted to know more about how traffic comes from Google Alerts. Besides the conversation we had in that discussion, he will now be able to come here and see the proof for himself.

Those of you who know me well, know that I can always back up what I say and this is one great method of doing that. Anyway, the discussion I think ended today and he now understands what I was trying to express. I guess I will know better tomorrow! :)

Getting back to the topic at hand which is the two keyword phrases I use with Google Alerts to find my best marketing tips to drive traffic to my websites; Here they are!

  1. Marketing Tips.
  2. Advertising Tips.

Simply enter those two phrases in the search bar and you will be getting the same tips I do from them on a daily basis. Of course I have a few more but, I can't tell you all my secrets or you might stop coming here. :)

Just experiment with your word searches and I guarantee you will find something that will work for you.

Don't forget to leave your own comment and link below to start getting traffic to your website of choice. I'd love to hear what you think and will respond to all.

Knowledge is a good thing. Agree or Disagree?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Advertising & Marketing System Set To Challenge PPC Advertising. See What's Trending Now Through My Review!

New advertising and marketing systems come and go every day but, this may give some ppc website owners a challenge. What's trending now seems to be the patented Twice Confirmed Traffic system. Read my review to learn more and get access to my actual case study.

A new traffic system has surfaced in an attempt to challenge the ppc industry, solo advertising, safelists and the highly time consuming traffic exchanges. The way it works is actually quite intriguing since to my knowledge, it's nothing that's ever been done before.

The administration at Twice Confirmed Traffic states the following on their website:

"Chasing after traffic is a problem that most of us face at one stage or another, but when you have an endless flood of traffic, making money becomes so much easier. Especially when it’s traffic that has been tested twice: once by our team, and once by our customers."

Their patented system seems to consist of two main ingredients if you will. The "Traffic Shifter and their 'Confirmation Bay" which gives live 24 hour statistics on what programs are currently receiving sales allowing clients to pick and choose from what's hot and what's not.

TCT (Twice Confirmed Traffic), goes out and purchases traffic from the monthly revenues they receive from clients, validate that the traffic is being delivered and then through their Confirmation Bay, clients/members post that they are receiving sales through that traffic which makes it twice confirmed.

If the traffic doesn't work, they simply don't repurchase it again which in theory should increase sales for all members. After doing my own due diligence by tracking the number of sales being confirmed every day, they do indeed seem to deliver on their promises.

Here's a snapshot of their Confirmation Bay stats as taken from their website today.

I wanted to test this a bit so I signed up and after viewing the details of the program I was quite impressed with their support. So much in fact that I decided to write about them and create my own case study. Read it here.

So what do you think? Do the old school methods of paid advertising have something to worry about?

Leave your comment below and don't forget to add a business link!