Sunday, November 3, 2013

New Blog: How To Make Make Money Fast And Viral or Strength In Numbers To Insure You Earn Online!

As I sit here writing this today, I find myself being completely side tracked by something that keeps pounding these thoughts in my head Screaming:


Okay so I've been a little over-dramatic maybe but; This really is what I want to show you today.

Just recently I was contacted by one of my LinkedIn colleagues to check out something that he said would make a huge difference in my daily income by providing viral money orders and bank drafts being received directly to my home mailbox.

As it turns out, he had seen and read a recent post from this blog which I published to my LinkedIn profile via my published works tool. He sent me the invitation he claimed because, he noticed that I liked helping people and this could make a huge difference in people's lives if I were to show it to them.

My first thought was, Ya Right. Like I haven't heard this before!

He went on to describe more about the program and informed me that this was from a major corporation that's been online since the mid or late 90's. "It's not a gifting program he said". In fact they distribute viral websites containing software every marketer needs and you become the owner of your site for an easy one time payment of $28.00.

"Don't worry about admin fees, monthly fees or pass ups of any kind with this since they don't exist" he went on to say.

"One member has only sponsored 3 and already received or will receive over 379 money order payments."

Now that is what got my attention!

Something everyone could afford at a one time cost with good marketing software every marketer needs. Not to mention that he said it was viral and that the example above if true, couldn't be ignored.

Well now I had to check it out so, I did and what I found out is what has compelled me beyond my own comprehension to start something that as far as I know has never been done before!

"Create An Extreme Viral Team Build" beginning with my own Power Of One membership while making sure that nobody gets left behind who participates. No matter if they are in Power Of One or not.

The first obstacle facing me was the "snail-mail" issue. How could I do this quickly if the whole program was based on owners getting their promotion links only after having been confirmed that they had paid via the postman?

To overcome this, I decide that there was no way to overcome it! lolol

But, I could email my TPOOI4L friends and see who might become as interested as I now am. After doing so and with a fairly good response, I figured that by placing owners under each others links as they were confirmed I could speed it up a bit beginning with 3 of my own personally sponsored TPOOI4L members.

Then I realized that HEY! I'm giving away paid money orders that I could be receiving. But then I also realized that this was a viral process so it wouldn't matter in the long run.

Not to mention that I'm just a nice guy who likes to help after all. :)

More thoughts began streaming into my brain at this point like.

  • This Is really powerful but how can I make it better?
  • How can I make it so nobody gets left behind like that last sign-up that always comes in to begin the crash of everything that's been accomplished.

Then it hit me like a jolt of lightning!

What if I ask everyone who participates in my new Extreme Team Build to advertise that last person's link for a week through what ever methods they normally use? And what if as these new sign-ups come in, we keep doing just that?

Who would get left behind if this could be done?

Now that would be an accomplishment and even if only 10% participated, it should help that last person move forward to get a paid referral or more from our team efforts.

Well I have done exactly as mentioned above and most of our team responded saying they were in all the way. If this doesn't show you that there are still unselfish good people in the world, then I don't know what else to say!

To learn more on how you can participate in this first of its kind "Extreme Viral Team Build", simply send me an email to get signed-up under who ever needs you most with subject line "Please tell me more about your team".

Then it will be you we help promote!

There Is Strength In Numbers and We Are About to Use That for Your Advantage.

Have any thoughts on this to share? Has it been done before? Leave your answers in the comments below!

Simply "Right Click" on any of my Twitter feed links below to open them in a new Tab or Window and enjoy!


wealthcreationsnetwork said...

Great Post ~ Great Idea~

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Garry Stretch said...

Maurice your passion for helping others succeed is becoming more and more of an inspiration for me. I am ready to "share the wealth" to help everyone earn and hope that more than 10% are willing to do the same.

Shawn Martin said...

OK< say I was to really consider this. What am I myself spending, wehat am I getting and what can I look forward to for my money?

Cecelia McCarty said...

Hi Maurice,
Sounds Interesting. Can you send me more info on what this is all about?

Elizabeth Charron said...

This is a great idea and the fact that you are willing to help everyone is great. I might take you up o your viral team build n the near future

Maurice Bernier said...

Amen to that my friend and God Bless! :)

Maurice Bernier said...

Garry, I received your email today and can't wait to share what you sent me in here. The only thing I'm waiting for is your approval before posting it under the right blog post.

Then everyone will see that you are indeed serious about "Sharing The Wealth" as you say and that you indeed Walk-The-Walk and not just Talk-The-Talk.

It is my definite privilege that Fate has brought us together!

Maurice Bernier said...

Thanks for stopping in Shawn!

To get the answers to all those questions and more, just do as I stated in my blog post and send me an email.

Nobody is above anyone else here and all have to follow the same procedures.

Before you decide whether to send that email or not, please keep this in mind:

"I do as I say and provide what I say I will provide!"

The only reason that I can see as to why you are a bit skeptical is exactly as I've written in my post. "Nobody Has Ever Done This Before!"

Why did I decide to do this you may ask?

Simply because Steve Jobs is the person I followed closely and who I learned how to think "Outside The Box" from!

Hopefully I'll see you in my inbox but if not,

All my best wishes for success to you and yours! :)

Maurice Bernier said...

I'm glad you like it Cecelia. I'm really not sure if I have your email address or not though since I don't capture emails on this blog.

Just send me an email through my address listed in my post. I think that would be the easiest way and I wouldn't have to go around looking for yours.

If I do find time to go hunting for it, I will do as you ask but I'm afraid it won't be today since my schedule is already behind.

Hope this is suitable for you! :)

Maurice Bernier said...

I'm glad you approve Elizabeth.

When ever you decide you're ready, I'll still be here along with my email address.

"Those who don't rush decisions, make the best choices!"

Just thought I would leave you with that while it came to my mind.

Enjoy your day! :)

Lucille Dorsey said...

I agree that this is Great to help others to success in making money from home. Everyone can use extra cash in this economy today to pay a bill or something of interest.
Go T.E.A.M!

Brenda Kruse said...

Maurice you are giving us another very special treat. If there is a way to help others succeed you will find a way to accomplish it.

Thanks my friend for all you do and I will definitely be doing my part with advertising the rotator link.
When everyone works together we all receive the blessings and rewards.

Anyone that needs some Christmas shopping money should jump on board with this and move quickly so the whole team can enjoy a wonderful Christmas and keep the viral effect going well beyond Christmas.

Maurice Bernier said...

Here's the great thing about this new team Lucille. It's not just just extra cash that we'll produce.

It will be a flood of viral money orders or bank drafts that will explode incomes to levels never before seen.

Right now it starts with viral $7.00 money orders/drafts but the next phase involves credit cards to speed things up and create viral $25.00 payments from profit on a total voluntary basis.

Think about what this could lead to as the payments might continue to rise with each phase introduced.

I don't see any limits. Do you?

Thanks for stopping in Lucille! :)

Maurice Bernier said...

Hi Brenda, it's good to see you here and thanks for stopping in.

Now here's a team member who gets it!

"I will definitely be doing my part with advertising the rotator link.
When everyone works together we all receive the blessings and rewards."

Hope everyone else appreciates your efforts.

As far as the treat goes, Halloween did just end so this is appropriate I think.

Thanks for the kind words and I'll see you on Skype Thursday Brenda!