Thursday, November 7, 2013

Blog Post - Rich Man or Average Joe: Who Is More Charitable?

On September 26 of this year I wrote a blog post challenging, affiliate administrations and Power Of One friends to give part of their commissions back to their sponsored members when they upgrade to a paid service level.

To this date, not one administration has taken me up on this challenge.

This is the story of someone who is by no means rich and in fact has a job he goes to every day to provide for his family. I don't think he's a poor man either but he is the first person to have contacted me personally to take me up on my challenge.

Because of this, I feel he should get the recognition he so well deserves so I asked him if I could post this here today!

Here is the communication I received via email from one of my most loyal and hard working Power Of One friends Mr. Garry Stretch.

Beginning of email:

Hey Maurice I know you are busy with YGPF but I wanted to run this by you to see what you think. I'm planning on sending this to my sponsored members.

Hi to all my TPOOI4L referrals;

Only people that I consider to be my direct referral
or contact are receiving this E-mail. Feel free to
use any part of the E-mail above to contact your
referrals, business partners, friends and family.

My reason for contacting you is based on the spirit of TPOOI4L admin and their ideas.
Maurice Bernier has come up with a totally unique idea to promote more upgrades from our members.

This is my proposal;
Anyone who upgrades will receive back from me part of my commission.
How it will work is like this;
Upgrade to silver or gold level and receive back $10 or $20 respectively.
This is one third of my commission back to you.
Upgrade to platinum and receive $40 or half of my commission back to you.

As far as I know there are few if any programs where this happens. TPOOI4L wants all their members to "get something back" and I am totally behind this idea.

Thanks for your time and all my best to you and yours,

Garry Stretch
Platinum TPOOI4L
Skype- strent4

End of email.

Now you tell me!

Rich Man Average Man: Who Is More Charitable?


Garry Stretch said...

Thank you Maurice for your kind words and your support.

Maurice Bernier said...

No thanks necessary my friend. I'm just giving credit where credit is due and you earned it.

Now hurry up and get those Christmas lights up for the boss before too much snow lands! :)