Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Blog: Top Tips On Becoming A Recognized Author Worldwide With Your LinkedIn Profile Publications.

Having myself been a member of LinkedIn since I can't remember, I find that many would be marketers and bloggers are quite often over looking what a great platform it is. Instead of using it to its fullest potential, they often go off to Twitter and Facebook in preference to get the word out.

While these are also great social sites, I decided to use my new LinkedIn profile publications feature to add even more credibility to my brand as an established author.

LinkedIn recently introduced a fantastic feature which will definitely help more bloggers and authors of all kinds get more recognized as a professional writer worldwide. This new Blog will present my top tips with step by step instructions on how to make this happen for you.

If I'm not mistaken, you can add up to 100 publications you've created be it blogging, press releases or even info. websites. Just think of what this can do for your credibility and marketability as an established author.

My Top Tips.
  1. Go to your blogs and add your favorite posts, especially monetized posts to your LinkedIn profile under your publications section.
  2. Go to your websites if you've created any and add your best information which stands out to promote your product or opportunity.
  3. Go to your press releases and do the same if you have any.
  4. Post a minimum of 3 daily until you've reached the maximum allowed by LinkedIn.
  5. Ping it to let the search engines now that your LinkedIn profile has been updated about once monthly with tools like Pingler or Pingomatic
  6. It is very important that you "Do Not Ping" unless new information has been added from the previous month.
By following those tips above, any visitors who view your LinkedIn profile will scroll down and scan over your published works. If you have a good diverse selection as the author, there is no doubt in my mind that they will find something to click on.

Leave your comment below and let me know if you agree or disagree.

Now here are the exact steps you need to take to get this done.
  1. Login to LinkedIn and go to your "Profile Edit" page.
  2. Scroll down until you see the "Publications" feature and click on the +Add link.
  3. Enter the title of your publication (Blog post article, Press release title or Website info. page name).
  4. Under the "Publication/Publisher" field, enter the platform name where you created your written piece ( For my blog I use, my press releases - PRLog Press Release Distribution or IBO AUTHENTIC CONTENT Press Release and the info. website as stated above would be the "title" of your page).
  5. Fill out the 'Publication Date" field with the exact date you created and released your written work.
  6. Enter the actual URL of where your written piece is located so visitors can go to it.
  7. Under "Author(s)", it is very important that you give credit to all who helped with the creation of your article (If you are the only author, then that's even better).
  8. In the "Description" field, take a paragraph or 2 from the beginning of your article and add that.
  9. Click on "Save" and that's all there is to it.
Extra Tip.

"When adding your description, use 3 paragraphs if you have to but try to leave them hanging with what they will most benefit from by reading your post or article!"

Once you get good at this, it should take you no longer than about 20 minutes daily to get 3 written works you've published added.

If you have any topics you'd like to see me cover or just want to express your feelings on this new blog post, please leave them below in the comments section as I do reply to all who do.

Best wishes for your successful self branding as a new world wide established author! 

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Malcolm Keith said...

Maurice, this is excellent information and one I will be taking action on - thank you for the detailed approach.

I feel LinkedIn is very underused (for me), but I am aware that I do not want to impinge upon professionals with spammy comments and posts.

I have a stack of good posts and videos to redeploy - and LinkedIn and ApSense will be my workload when I get back from vacation in the Mediteranean :)

Printing this out for my to-do actions.

Maurice Bernier said...

Well Malcolm, I'm glad you're stuck in the Mediterranean while the rest of us are stuck behind our desks but, why didn't you ask if I'd like to go? :)

Actually, there is no way I can go anywhere right now anyway with all i have to catch up on as well so I'm just happy that you're doing some relaxing for me!

I too was guilty of letting LinkedIn slide for a while but I realized that it really does still have a lot of pull with the search engines and decided that I should do more with it.

Thanks for taking the time away from your holidays to pop in and say Hi Malcolm. I will be contacting you shortly via email if you're not to relaxed to check them. :)

It's an important matter with regards to your account in TPOOI4L. Now that I know you're on holidays, I will be making changes to it today and contacting you later.

Hope that's okay?

In the meantime, enjoy the sun and everything else the Mediterranean has to offer! :)

Maria Hardy said...

Hi Maurice, I have using Linkedin for ages by clicking directly from the website but never thought it made a great difference. Your method will it different and has a more response?
Hope you are getting better soon


Maurice Bernier said...

Hi Maria and thanks for taking my advice by coming to read this today as well as a special thanks for your get well wishes! :)

Of course it creates more response since anyone who visits my LinkedIn profile will find something that they're interested in reading. Since doing what I have stated in this blog post, my blog visitors from LinkedIn have already started to grow. All I do is check my Blogger stats to see them.

The more you build your LinkedIn associates, the higher you will climb that ladder of being known as a well respected author in your field.

The problem with most people these days is that they concentrate too much on the almighty dollar instead of branding themselves as an expert.

Once your name gets known, everything else falls easily into place. You just have to be persistent every day in making it happen for you while relying on your patience to see the results of your hard work.

Never Quit >>>> Never Give Up & most importantly >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOURSELF !!!

All my best to you and yours Maria. :)

Cecelia McCarty said...

Thank You Maurice.
This is very useful and valuable information!

Maurice Bernier said...

Hi Cecelia!

I see you're here to make my day as you have done so many times. You're very welcome bye-the-way. I'm just glad you like it.

For those of you who don't know Cecelia, I'm sorry about your luck. Besides being one of our Featured Guest posters, she is also a member of Ibotoolbox where we first became associated. I think? (Young heart but I have an old memory.) :)

If you enjoy good reading with an awesome sense of humor to go with it then I strongly suggest you become associated with her in Ibotoolbox and start reading her press releases.

That is only if you want to be inspired or just want to put a happy face on after doing so.

You can go see her great content by following this link to her profile.

No need to thank me after you do!

Best wishes for a blessed day to you and yours Cecelia and thanks again for stopping in.

Jason Descheneaux said...

Thanks for great post Maurice, i have a linkedin profile, i plan on using it to the fulest.

Maurice Bernier said...

Hey Jason, it's great to see you coming to visit my blog! :)

I'm glad you like the post. By now, you probably have a good list of Authentic Ibo press releases that you would be able to add so why not start there?

Wherever you've published anything, now or in the past; You'll find it to be very useful now!

Have a great day my friend and thanks again for stopping by. Hopefully now that you know where I am, you'll pop in more often.

All my best to you and yours for a great weekend and beyond! :)

Mike Henry said...

Hey Maurice thanks for your information. I have had a Linkedin account for many years and this is the first time I have read about doing this with my blog posts.

I will implement it straight away and look forward to reading whatever else you share.

Ernestine Emery said...

Thanks Maurice for your good advice, it will sure help.
Thanks for all the information you give out to the rest of us here and on google+.

Maurice Bernier said...

I'm glad if it has helped you in any way Mike and I'm sorry for this late reply. I don't remember receiving any notice from Blogger that you had commented so I'm not sure what happened there.

Anyway, as long as something good comes from me sharing this; I've accomplished what I wanted.

Best wishes to you and yours for a great day! :)

Maurice Bernier said...

You are very welcome Ernestine and my Thanks go out to you for those kind words. I'll try to keep the good stuff coming with high hopes that I won't disappoint anyone.

All my best to you and yours!

James Morgan said...

Hi Maurice never had a clue about thanks for sharing it

Maurice Bernier said...

My pleasure James. I'm just glad that you learned something new which can help with your promotion efforts.

Thanks for stopping in!