Thursday, September 26, 2013

Breaking News: Power Of One Owner Is Set On Giving Back 50% Of His Personal Earnings!

A very wise Fisher Of Men once said, "It Is Better To Give Than To Receive!"

As owner of this blog and my program, it has recently come to my attention that I have it within my power to do something which I challenge all affiliate program owners and even affiliates to do.

Give back a part of your earnings when your personal sponsored members renew their memberships! 
(Public Notice from Maurice Bernier: As of todays date April 7, 2014; Our program has changed significantly to the point that this offer will no longer be available!)

This November will be 1 year since I introduced our Profit Share into our Power Of One program for paid members. I created this to repay those who support my program by becoming paid members and I am always trying to find new ways to grow their revenue without them doing any extra promotions on their part.

To accomplish this I have outside revenues from Amazon and Linkshare products which I sell and then pass on 10 - 15 - 25 percent of that revenue depending on their paid level status Silver - Gold and Platinum. Along with this I also give back a portion of any Co-op advertising I sell and am currently trying to put the final touches on public advertising which I will also give them a share from.

But just recently, I had another idea. What if I created my own "Power Group" from my own personal referrals and gave them back 50% of my personal commissions when they renew their subscriptions?

Well, that's exactly what I have started doing and one member just last week received a nice $40 rebate from his Platinum member renewal. I won't list his name since I respect his privacy and have not asked him if I could use it here. If he reads this blog post, maybe he'll comment himself to verify what I'm saying is true but it's not something I will force on him.

"My only reason for doing it is to say thanks for your support over the years!"

So now I have something to say to all admins and members of affiliate programs.

Why can't you do the same? Why not show your affiliates and personally sponsored members that you are grateful for their support?

You don't have to give back 50% as I now will be doing with mine every year they renew but what about just 10 or 20 percent. What do you think this will do for your credibility as someone they can trust? Better yet, how do you think they will feel when you send them that rebate? How do you think you will feel once you've done it?

I can only tell you from my own personal experience that it really does feel great to give back knowing you made someone's day a bit brighter!

Now it's your turn to help change the world of affiliate marketing. Are you up for the challenge?

Go ahead and try it then come back in here and tell me how it felt by leaving a comment.

I'm vowing to be different, change things for the better and stop the greed that is currently floating all over the Internet today. To accomplish this, my members can expect gratitude in any form I can show it to them!

Creating a brighter road ahead by invoking change,

Maurice Bernier

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makefreedom said...

Right on, I love the current commissions that I get from you. Now even MORE money, love it even more. Going big with promoting TPOOI4L! Good work Moejoe!

Maurice Bernier said...

Glad you like it Johnny and thanks for stopping by.

Actually, I can't see why anyone wouldn't like this but you never know in this business we're in. Sometimes, "The more you give - The more they expect."

But hey Johnny, just between you, I and who ever reads this, "I'll Never Stop Giving as Long As The Good feelings Flow With It."

Make it a great day and say Hi to Mary for me! :)

Garry Stretch said...

Maurice as usual you have me "mindboggled". Profit sharing, advertising that produces results And now
50% of your referral upgrade rebates. You are simply put "one who walks the walk" to ensure your members can earn.
Thank You

Cecelia McCarty said...

What an amazing idea Maurice!

ebennett said...

This is getting better and better each month!

Keith said...

You go Maurice, nice work

Maurice Bernier said...

Thanks for your support and kind words Garry. Just coming in to this blog and seeing comments like the one you have just written is worth 10 times any commissions I might earn anywhere online.

Once again, I challenge admins and affiliates to help me change the way things are normally done online by giving up some of the greed you might have!

Loyalty, trust and credibility doesn't come from money earned. it comes from giving back a small part of yourself when ever possible.

"Garry's comment proves it."

*Agree or Disagree? You tell me!*

Have a great day Garry! :)

Maurice Bernier said...

Well, I think so too Cecelia and I'm glad you like it.

Maurice Bernier said...

That's the plan Eddie!

To every single day, look for ways to improve for my friends in The Power Of One!

Got any ideas on how I can do more?

If so, then put them in here my friend. :)

What is a Blog for if you can't get ides from its' followers anyway?

Maurice Bernier said...

Keith, how the heck are you buddy? Hope all is well at your end.

I'm more than happy to have your stamp of approval since it means a lot to me as getting to know you over the last few years does also.

Anyway buddy, hopefully the best is yet to come.

Make it a perfect rewarding day for both you and yours!!! :)

Malcolm Keith said...

This is amazing and I suspect unique.

As a lucky recipient of your rebate I thank you very much. I can't give rebates, but each month my company autoship will also generate a meal for a starving child.
It looks like TPOOI4L is really gathering pace thanks to your hard work in the background and I have no problem with recommending the site or renewing at the top level.

You lead by example as always and I know the rewards will come back to you multiplied.

Maurice Bernier said...

Malcolm, your kind words are all the testimony I need to know that I can go on about the rest of my day feeling that I've done a good thing today.

You are very welcome for the rebate. It is I my friend who am lucky to have such a great supporter, associate and most of all good friend such as yourself.

While I'm here, I'd also like to commend you on the good work you do for starving kids. It's just another testimony to the fact that "It Is Better To Give Than to Receive!"

Best wishes to you and those closest to you for a great day! :)

sabina moon said...

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Maurice Bernier said...

Thank you for your kind words Sabina and thanks for stopping by to leave them. I've checked out your G+ profile and have added you as an acquaintance.

Please feel free to stop by whenever you like and leave more comments or even become a guest poster on our "Featured Guest Posts" page if you want.

Best wishes to you and yours for a splendid day! :)

Allen Jenkins said...

Fantastic ideas.

Maurice Bernier said...

Glad you think so Allen and thanks for stopping in!

iqbal nakhwa said...

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