Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Top 5 Reasons Your Advertising Needs To Be Tracked and How To Do It.

Sucks to be you if you don't track your advertising. Amazing Tracking And Advertising System!

I've been asked many times how I track my advertising. The truth is that I use many tools but today I will share my main ad trackers and tell you why you also should be tracking your ads.

If you're having problems with your promotions, it may be simply because the advertising you're using isn't working because they aren't delivering what they promise. Whether it's classified ads, safelists, banner, text or even Facebook ads, you should be tracking them and here's why.

  1. You will waste time and money if you don't track your advertising.
  2. Your advertising won't be working and you won't know why if you don't track your ads.
  3. You will not know where your successful sign-ups are coming from if you don't use an ad tracker.
  4. How will you know what advertising sites work and which don't without tracking them (You Can't Count On Their Stats Since They Can Be Falsified).
  5. You may be more inclined to quit a great money making opportunity simply because you've been mislead by all your advertising sources.

My Main Advertising Tracking Tools or How To Do It.

As I previously stated, I use many but have had the best success using this ad tracker.

HitsCounter5 which costs anywhere from Free and between $5 - $20 per month depending on how much you want to earn from their affiliate program. What stood out to me when I came across this earlier this year is the affiliate program associated with it which lets even Free members earn while tracking their advertising.

When you really think about it, either option will allow you to track for free if you can refer just a few members. You can also create a nice passive income for yourself while you're saving by not wasting time with advertising that doesn't work.

Now once you begin using this tool, you will also notice that you can place your own ads and only yours on each tracker you create which is definitely an added bonus. Think about it. Maybe your visitors won't like what you are promoting but they may like one of the ads you have on your unique ad tracker page!

Okay so now you've set up your tracking account and are getting all the IP addresses of where your clicks are coming from along with knowing where your advertising has been placed. But what do you do to dig in and find out exactly where those IP addresses are located?

Just by entering your IP address in the box through the link below for free is how!

The tool above will let you check more than your prospect or sign-up's IP address. You can also get a webmaster widget to enhance your blog or website by providing a free service and will be able to check Meta Tags along with Proxy reporting for your various sites. Used correctly, this tool will let you take your IP address reports from your ad tracker and find out exactly which city they come from as well.

So what do you think?

Should you be tracking your ads or not?

I'd love to see your comments below!

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