Thursday, August 15, 2013

New Blog Post Instructions On How To Get A Free Blog Post On Our Blog.

Below you will find complete instructions to get your new free blog post on our Featured Guest Post page along with a couple of excellent sources of valuable information to help grow your online business.

While playing on Google+ last week, I put out a request to have some of my friends do a free blog post on our blog. I offered everyone to come post their links or videos by doing a guest blog and the results were pretty good so that's why I'm doing this today.

There are many online today who don't realize the power of guest posting on blogs and by passing up the chance to do it when they get offered, they are missing out on a great free advertising source.

As a blogger myself, I make it a point to follow information packed blogs and do comments on a daily basis. Two of my favorites are marketingsherpa and copyblogger which I highly recommend anyone follows to enhance and home in on their marketing skills.

While the above information has nothing to do with doing a free blog post, I thought I would share it with you since those two blogs really will open your eyes to new ways of advertising your business what ever it may be!

Now here are the steps you have to take to get your guest blog post on our "Featured Guest Posts" page above.

Write your blog post by first introducing yourself (Firstname will do if you don't want full recognition) and listing a bit of back round about yourself.

  • What country your from.
  • What your online experience is.
  • Why you like blogging or network marketing.
  • Who some of your mentors are or have been in the past.
  • Why you think your promoted opportunity is a good recommendation and how long it's been in existence.

Once you've put this in the beginning of your new blog post, you can add your program link and video if you have one and send it to me through the following email address for approval and minor editing if needed with email subject line "New guest post request."

I will then embed your link and video in your article and post it in the Featured Guest Post page.

Of course if you want to give me or our blog an endorsement while your writing it, you are more than welcome to do so. :)

As always, all comments posted below are welcomed and highly encouraged if you'd like an extra back link to your opportunity.

Best wishes for great success with your business and I hope you get a lot of great sign-ups to build your list from your new guest blog post!

Simply "Right Click" on any of my Twitter feed links below to open them in a new Tab or Window and enjoy!


Katrina Oakley said...

Thanks Maurice, I will get you something by Saturday...

Maurice Bernier said...

That will be fine Kat but it won't get published before Monday or Tuesday if you wait till then. I have a busy schedule and am taking most of the weekend for myself and family.

Something i haven't done enough of lately!

Connie Robertson said...

Thanks Maurice almost done and will send.

Connie Robertson said...

Thanks Maurice, almost done.

Maurice Bernier said...

Good stuff Connie. Can't wait to see it.

While I'm here, I'd like to thank you for all your contributions to our profit share from all the repins you've been doing on our Pinterest board.

Best wishes for a Happy friday to you and yours! :)

Scott Houge said...

Very nice site.Looks like a winner here :)