Thursday, July 18, 2013

Important Notice On Payza Phishing Email: How To Protect Your Payza Account.

In the last week, I have been receiving emails from what looks to be like Payza stating a notice that my account was on hold. They trickled in over a few days until I finally got a notice stating "Payza: Hold Account Final Notice."

I was suspicious of all these emails since they were asking for my login and password information to protect my account. I already know that payment processors never send emails requesting private login information but I decided to call Payza and find out for myself if they knew about this. I was told that it was a phishing email, to ignore it and forward it to them which is exactly what I did.

A phishing site or email is a trick used by would-be thieves to capture your private information so that they can login to your accounts and steal your cash.

Don't let this happen to you with Payza or any other online merchant such as Solid Trust Pay, etc...

Here is what you should do to protect your online bank accounts:

If you received any emails looking like they came from Payza with subject lines as mentioned above, forward them to payza through the following email address:

If you receive any similar emails asking for your login or password information from any other online bank and for any reason, call them up immediately and explain what you are receiving. They will walk you through the steps of how to protect your account from these would-be thieves!

To help protect as many people as possible who deal with online banks, I am asking you to please share this blog post with as many people as possible via the share buttons to the right.

Thanks in advance for helping!

Maurice Bernier


kasel said...


Maurice Bernier said...

You're welcome Kasel. :)

Anonymous said...

Another way is to always open a new browser tab and login to payza, stp etc and you will see your account is fine, Never login through a email you recieve from any payment proccessor.

Connie Robertson said...

Great information Maurcie and Chris.
We just really need to be aware that this "stuff" does happen and to Not click on any link(s) in emails from payment processors.

Maurice Bernier said...

Amen to that Chris & Connie!

Some people won't know if we don't educate them which is why I've posted this and asked everyone to share as much as possible.

There are still many beginners out there who don't know better!

My thanks to both of you for your help! :)

Lee Broas said...

Thanks for the heads up Maurice, I have gotten those phishing emails for my paypal acct., but never payza, I will be on the lookout for it.

Maurice Bernier said...

You're very welcome Lee. I'm just glad I was able to reach someone even if it is only one person.

All my best,


Brenda said...

Thank you so much Maurice, I did get an email like that too regarding Payza but I deleted it. From now on I will forward it to them.

Katrina Oakley said...

Even PayPal is subject to these phishers. Yesterday, about 10 minutes after I was in my paypal account, I got an email looking to be from paypal..for a 150 purchase that I did not make! As Chris said, NEVER click a link in the email! (same goes for messengers like skype) I went to my account, didn't see the transaction, and immediately forwarded it to paypals phishing email...

Bev said...

This is sure a great resource for sharing good information.

Maurice Bernier said...

WOW! I guess I'll have to do more on these types of posts. The response has been great so far!

My sincere thanks to all of you for giving me all this great feedback and especially to those who are sharing this to help the innocent who might become victims.

In just 1 day since posting this, I know for a fact via my email lists and you loyal followers in here that we have already been able to help at least 3 people who might have fallen pray to the thieves.

If anyone has any suggestions on something you would like to see me cover in here, please let me know what they are via the comments.

May God or your higher power bless you all for the good deeds you do and best wishes to you and yours for a happy fulfilled life!