Sunday, July 14, 2013

Funny video On Power of One owner struck by missle


Garry Stretch said...

Wow talk about having a blast or is it getting "blasted"

Lee Broas said...


Maurice Bernier said...

A combination of both Garry. Nice to see you in here buddy!

Anyway, I just got your order for the 14.95 Co-op and the link in that video you just watched points to our Co-op rotator and specifically your TPOOI4L links for all those who purchased.

Going to add yours today and you're the first to know about it since I haven't updated the rest of our TPOOI4L friends yet.

If you remember my self conversation in my last update, I was having trouble coming up with a video for the Co-op. This was my solution! :)

Thanks again for stopping by Garry and thanks for all those Repins you're doing.

To anyone else who may read this and if you're thinking of joining my program "TPOOI4L", Garry is a great leader and you would be wise to sign-up under him through the following link:

Maurice Bernier said...

Yep! They tried again Lee.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by! :)