Saturday, April 13, 2013

Homestead SiteBuilder, Intuitwebsites Or MiniMax. Which Ever It Is, I Like The Money!

"Homestead SiteBuilder, Intuitwebsites Or MiniMax. Which Ever It Is, I Like The Money!"

My friend John Kielec who is the owner of F5M-MC which needs no introduction because of their huge online presence, recently turned me on to a new program called MiniMax. Only thing is that I keep getting these emails when I get paid.

As you noticed above, my notices are coming from "Homestead Websites." Pretty weird hugh?

Anyway after doing more research through the website source code, I found 2 more intreaging names which are "Homestead SiteBuilder" and "intuitwebsites."

Are you confused yet? I sure was.

I thought I joined something called "MiniMax" didn't I?

MiniMax was supposed to provide me with Viral $2.50 payments to my Payza & STP online bank accounts for a one time out of pocket expense of $5.00 so why am I getting these notices from Homestead?

What the heck kind of system is this I asked myself. All this will do is confuse people to no end I thought. Why the hell did I get involved with this I said to my wife.

And then it started. Boy was I wrong on doubting for even a second! My email account began giving me daily notices and sometimes multiple daily notices from both STP & Payza that I had received a payment.

So who was sending me these $2.50 payments anyway?
Nope it wasn't Homestead Websites, Homestead SiteBuilder, Intuitwebsites Or even "MiniMax."

All those viral micro-payments were coming directly from MiniMax members who I received notice about via email above in the image. Yep! Right from their STP & Payza accounts to mine. Pretty slick hugh?

So what have I learned from all this?
What is the one thing I can take away from all this confusion that will benefit me the most while moving forward?

I've learned that Frankly Scarlet, I don't give a dam what it's called as long as it works and I can move forward by promoting the hell out of it!

Who would of ever thought that such a dumb name like "MiniMax" could turn out to be such sweet music to my or your ears?

I guess one never knows where the next greatest thing will come from. Viral videos, Viral advertising and now "Viral Member to Member Payments!"

What do you think?

Actually before you do let me know what you think, look at that first image up top again and remember this.

"I've only got 3 referred members!"

Now you can let me know if you think "Viral Member to Member Payments" are the next greatest thing or not?


Keith said...

Thats Great! I like the idea of member to member payments because companies like CCI, ProfitClicking owe me money that i cant get!

Maurice Bernier said...

I'm glad you like it Keith but I have to say you have me a bit confused?

I totally agree with you on Profit Clicking as all they have done is scam everyone but CCI?

If it's Cash Club International you're referring to, I get paid from them always within about 48hrs. of placing my withdrawal.

Please let me know if that's what you're referring to or not. I know I can help get that fixed if it is???

Just go ahead and post another reply here please.

And thanks for stopping by Keith!