Friday, October 19, 2012

Work From Home? How to Get The Best Results With IBOtoolbox Banner Advertising.

Maybe our title should read "Get Rid Of Your IBOtoolbox Banner Ads Quickly or Slowly For a More Targeted Response?"

By now those of you who apply my tips and tutorials, will already be IBOtoolbox members. If you are, you will have first set up your profile with the links you want advertised and then gone on to find what I call "Heavy Hitter" associates by sending out invites.

Once you find these heavy hitters, comment on their posts and do a few PRs as my new friend Brian suggested in his comment on my last blog post.

The heavy hitters are listed in the left column of the IBO "Dashboard" and you can also tell who they are by visiting their profile pages. Just visit their profiles, scroll down and see how many associates they have. I like to choose those with over 1,000 mainly but I do also accept invites from those with less who are requesting to connect with me. This is just plain courtesy and good spirit.

On to Getting the Most for Your Banner Ads!

First you need to know how to get banner ad credits. You actually get some every time you login, post a press release, read their newsletter to retrieve credit codes, or you can purchase them. You can do your own homework on how IBO advertising works by simply logging in and clicking on the video tutorial "Advertising on IBOtoolbox Overview" located by scrolling down the dashboard on the right hand side.

Now once you've built up some credits, you can place your banner ads. Minimum of 100 credits must be used which gives you 500 impressions in IBOtoolbox. You then will have a choice on how you want to run your banner ads as follows:

Banner Placement:

  • IBOtoolbox Top (** 5 impressions per view)
  • MY IBOsocial Profile
  • OTHERS IBOsocial profile
  • (HUB)

I always choose "My IBOsocial profile". The reason for this being that I want more targeted visitors who are already interested in learning more about me.

Then you will be given a choice on how fast you want your banner ads displayed:

  • Fast
  • Default
  • Slow
  • Very Slow

I always chose "Slow" so my credits last longer and I will have a chance to build up more for free.

Last week I was averaging about an 10.7% CTR (ClickThru Rate) for the 3 sites I was advertising which can be viewed in the image below. My calculations are as follows;

  • 3 sites divided by a total of 28% CTR.
  • 3/.28 = 10.7%

I'm not a math genious so if you find fault with my calculations, please do leave a comment so I can learn something myself. :)

So now you know how I do it and once put into practice, you should start seeing the same results yourself.

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