Tuesday, July 10, 2012

6 Top Tips For Using Linkedin Discussion Groups & How To Find The Right Ones For You & Your Home Business!

Many people wonder how I get so many sign-ups to my main and supplementry affiliate businesses. You've heard it a thousand times before. It's all in the list.

But how do you grow your list?

I use many methods which will hopefully be recorded in my new Amazon book scheduled to come out some time this year but today, I just want to share one with you which is Linkedin Groups! With that out of the way, here are my 6 top tips for using Linkedin discussion groups.

Tip #1
Sign up for a Linkedin account. It's Free!

Tip #2.
Once your account and profile is set up, join these discussion groups!

"MLM Pros"
"Multi-level marketing (MIM) - Network Marketing Group"
"Small Business Network"
"Starting Home Business"

Tip #3.
Join IBO Toolbox Free Marketing Platform!

This is totally free for life and will provide you with everything you need for quick posting to Linkedin while also massively increasing your self branding Online. If you are a TPOOI4L member, please follow your sponsor through your referral builder page located in your back office. If you aren't, then simply click on my dynamic signature image below.


Tip #4

Set up and complete your IBO profile immediately.

Tip #5
Begin posting comments and sharing other's comments in IBO Toolbox. Do not forget to share your own "New Wall Entries" on Linkedin with the groups you've just joined.

Tip #6
Respond to emails from Linkedin when you get new notifications on Group Discussions by following the procedures and examples outlined below:

Step 1:
Find a comment and click the Like button.
This will immediately place your Linkedin profile along with your picture on the right hand side of the discussion group for all group members to see. (Excellent for promoting the business or businesses listed with your profile).

Step 2:
Reply to the comment you just liked with a way to help the member who posted the comment. (This is how I promote my "Cash-Back-Advertising" programs).

You could do something like what I've just done minutes ago below:

Hi Terry!

I've heard many good things about your product and would like to help with your promotion efforts if I could and which I can. :)

This has helped me immensely with my main program "TPOOI4L" and I think it could do the same for you. Below are the results I've received from using this advertising vehicle:

After just 6 Weeks: Money Earned-$414.45, Paid To Me-$357.45, My Sales-11, Sign-ups To My Main Program-16. All = Cash-Back-Advertising That Works!

I know you can get the same results since your MonaVie link will be seen on a huge number of websites with each ad posted banner & text. This lady has been creating advertising sites for going on 15 years now and she knows what she's doing. With that being said, think of your MonaVie sales/sign-ups after your ads get shown on all of them millions of times.

This is not a sales pitch. Well, okay it is but it absolutely will work for you!

Make it a good day my friend.

What Not To Do!

- Do not sound too pushy or salesman like.
- Do not lie about what you're offering.
- Do not repost the same thing over and over again the same day. (Want to look like a spammer?)

Apply these tips daily and you will see results without doubt. Practice-makes-perfect and you will accomplish that perfection in no time if you "JUST DO IT".

If you found these tips to be helpful, please do use the share buttons on this blog and do leave your comments while respecting our commenting rules listed above!

Respectfully yours,

Maurice Bernier


Katrina Oakley said...

Great tips Maurice! Will be implementing all of your ideas! Thanks for all your hard work!

Annemarie3steps said...

LinkedIn is one of my favorite sites, as well as IBOToolbox. You've given me some great ideas to improve my connections. Thanks a million.

Harold Lamma said...

You always pull through for your teammates.
I always enjoy your informative posts. I also use both IBOToolBox and LinkedIn.

Best regards

Maurice Bernier said...

I just want to update you all on what has happened just today after using this method of Linkedin for advertising.

I just signed up 3 new members to ExtremeCashBlast with one of them being paid and that took me about 10 minutes.

If anyone wants response emails for prospects who want more info. on ExtremeCashBlast, please get in touch whether by email or IBO private message!

Think it works?

Wish you all a fantastic and safe week!


Maurice Bernier said...

Don't know why I'm not receiving notices on these comments other than my fricken brain isn't focused enough on my blog settings but, Implement & They Will Work Kat!

Thanks for your comment Kat!

Maurice Bernier said...

Annemarie, I totally apologize for not getting back to you sooner but if you look at the reply I just left for Kat, you may get some insight as to why. :)

Thanks for participating Annemarie and you are definitely very welcome. Please don't be a stranger!


Maurice Bernier said...

That's great stuff Harold. Tried to catch you on Skype last Saturday but, didn't see you on there. Hope all is well with you and yours and thanks for stopping in my good friend.

Garry Stretch said...

Maurice I,ve started to change my recruiting practices by following your instructions. I gotta say I'm not even halfway yet and am already getting results. Great stuff man.
Garry Stretch

Maurice Bernier said...

That's great to hear Garry. Hope you're all settled in to your new house now and thanks for the kind words.

All my best to you and the wifey!