Friday, June 29, 2012

CBC News & The Power Of One Celebrate Canada Day Together On Youtube. We use it for "How To Work From Home".


How to work from home using Youtube, high profile sites like CBC News Network and special occasions like Canada Day to "make money" from home.

Are you using your youtube channel to its fullest potential?

In an update to TPOOI4L friends/members some time back, I told them I would be concentrating on Youtube videos for marketing success. Today I will show you through actual screenshots how to make money for your other programs with your Youtube channel.

It's all in your sidebar under the "About Your channel".

This is probably the most important part of your video channel simply because along with your profile, this is where you can place your money links. Here is what I've done and what you should do to menetize your Youtube channel and make money from home. Look at the following image and study it closely. Then we'll go on to explain what they all are:

What they are.

"PowerOfOneIncome Highlites" is in fact my TPOOI4L splash page 7 referral link.

"PowerOfOneIncome News" is my TPOOI4L press room.

"PowerOfOneIncome Education" is out TPOOI4L education page and under that of course we have our Blog.

Here's where more money comes in.

"PowerOfOneIncome Guaranteed Traffic" is of course ExtremecashBlast.

"PowerOfOneIncome Compounded Money" without any doubt in my mind had to be Just Been Paid.

And finally, "PowerOfOneIncome Consumer Savings" is none other than my Zeek Rewards link.

Is your light bulb going off yet? It definitely should be or your in the wrong business my friends!

So what's with CBC News & Canada Day?

CBC News is just one of the high profile sites I use and regularly leave comments on and Canada Day is definitely a hot topic right now since it's this weekend. So, why not blog about it and relate the two.

The process is simple for following these high profile channels. All you do is search them out on Youtube & subscribe to them to get email notices of new videos. People are in fact lazy these days and won't take the time to comment but if you do and relate properly, your comment could be up in front for days.

If you're suscribed to a channel like say "Justin Bieber", "Lady Gaga", or "Katy Perry" and leave comments on new videos, what do you think will happen with your own channel which is linked to it via commenting? Obama, CNN News, CBS News, Bruce Springsteen: the list goes on-and-on. Get it yet?

I call that " Extraordinary Back Linking".

On another important note.

I recently celebrated my wifes birthday and we had some family over to join us. One of my daughters friends from Chattam joined us and he started showing me videos on his iphone. By that time, I had been into the celebration part for some time with probably about 6 good "wabbly pops" under my belt.

What he showed me were some special apps you can get from Apple which are free and the special effects took over my brain. Even with a few "wabblies" I brain stormed and said to my new friend, "We've got to make a video of me right now". Well, the end result was this and "No, It's Not Real & I'm Still With This World":

If you think that's funny, wait till you see what the terrorists do to me in the sequel. :)

Finally, The Lesson Here Is This:

Think outside the box even with "wabbly pops" in you. :)
Always Follow your gut instinct & try new things to market.
Most importantly, monetize your Youtube channel now!

Don't have a Youtube channel you say?

Well join us now at and we'll soon show you how you can get those opportunities "JBP", "Zeeks", "ECB" "More To Be Added" on ours!

As always comments and shares are more than welcome!

Maurice Bernier
Proud Owner/Editor of:


Malcolm Keith said...

Hi Maurice,

Had some alarm at the email, but chuckled when I saw the video.

It's videos like these that people actually pass on to others to watch..

The video channel info slot is something I hadn't caught on to - so I will be off to sort that out this weekend! Thank you for the heads up on this. In todays climate - every small leverage is a bonus.

Enjoy your holiday weekend,

Malcolm in the UK

Katrina Oakley said...

Love the video Maurice! Cannot wait to see the sequel!

Thanks for this post, I needed to go update my YouTube profile! I followed your lead and now I know what I will be doing on this nice Saturday morning!

Have a great weekend!

Maurice Bernier said...

I'm glad you liked it Malcolm and thanks for your comment/support. Hope you now enjoy more success as a result of your new changes and please do post your Youtube channel link with your next comment so we can all look at it.

Enjoy your weekend my friend.

Maurice Bernier said...

Thanks Kat and way to go. Malcolm is off doing the same so now I can chalk up 2 people which I've been able to help with this article. Nothing makes me happier than that.

Good luck with your new set-up on Youtube!

Garry Stretch said...

Maurice Thanks for this article very informative and
as soon as I have the time I will be on all these tips. You Rock

Maurice Bernier said...

Thanks for the compliment Garry! Hope your getting settled into your new house okay. John and I are looking forward to our fishing trip with you when time allows.

Hey buddy! You're forgetting to shorten your links as stated in the instructions allowable links tab up top so they aren't working right. Thought you'd like to know!:)