Sunday, May 13, 2012

Power Of One Income 4 Life Re-Launch Vote Delays Relaunch.

Greetings to all TPOOI4L friends!

I promised a final decision by today to all those who voted on going ahead with our relaunch or not on the 15'th. Whether you voted or not, you deserve to know how we will proceed moving forward with TPOOI4L.

A very sincere thanks to all those who voted. This is the closest any of our votes have ever been and thanks to one intelligent TPOOI4L friend's comment, I have been able to come up with what I feel to be a great solution. All comments were great and I personally answered to every one of them that were current TPOOI4L members. At least I tried to. lol

Here are some of the comments I received along with the vote results. 

Hello Maurice
I always put family first so for you missing a meeting because of a family matter I personally applaude you for getting your priorities right and looking after your nephew that is what is important so good for you!
The possible snags that could and probably will be caused by Alertpays transition are reason enough to delay the pre-launch,for something that important you do not want anything to get in the way of our mutial success,so that delaying matters would seem to me to be the best course of action.
The second reason for a delay wuld also seem to me a very good reason to hold of the launch becaus as you say it will be good for us all and therefore you have my personal seal of approval your doing a dam good job for us all and I have enough faith in your judgements
regards Mike 

Maurice, Don here.
It appears to me that caution is the better choice. With AlertPay being sold and a chance for you to merge, take some time and be sure things go right. I have patience and I hope everyone else does also. Why rush and then have to make repair changes.
That's my two cents. I hope it helps.
I'm 83 so my time might be limited and I'm for going slow. lol

Hi Maurice,

Hope this finds you well.

Family first Ok with me - it's the reason I travel this internet road.

If it all got switched off tomorrow - still got the family!

I guess part of my answer to you is one you already know - if you wait for a perfect time to do will never happen.

Alertpay for all their problems are still huge and a solution for many people in many countries. Not had a problem with them myself - unlike SolidTrustPay who have caused me grief with 'missing' money in hyperspace.

Parent company changes are common in the business world. Half of our UK water supplies with well known names are parented by a billionaire Chinese guy, and our electricity networks are beholden to the French. Hard to find a UK owned business in the top 100 UK industries...

AlertPay are 'changing' on the 14th - I would delay a week anyway to see if any Internet noise surfaced.

As for your other problem - I would go along with any decision that you made on behalf of us all as being beneficial to yourself and the group.

Hope this helps,

Have a good weekend.

Warm regards,


Thanks Maurice!

I will stand behind your decisions in both matters. However, I was some concerned about the AlertPay change-over. I did a search on the company that is taking over AlertPay and I could not find any contact info, such as email and phone support. That certainly did not appeal to me. I shall abide by your judgement.

Thank you and God Bless!

Hey Maurice it's always something eh? lol As far as Alertpay goes if they are already messing up maybe the relaunch should wait.I got an email from them also but don't remember the date they were switching just it was May. Well they kept saying things like that about credit cards too so I have lost a little faith in them. I do still use them sometimes.
If a prominent person wants to team up I would think that would be a good thing for all of us in TPOOI4L. Sorry it makes extra work for you though you are busy enough as is.
Anyway that's my 2 cents but whatever is decided I am behind you all the way.

Hello Maurice.

So good to hear from you.

Your dilemma.

I think we all should wait for AlertPay to
sort out. One does not really know how it will work.

Better to take all funds out leaving just the bare minimum
to cover immediate outgoings.

Let the "Dust" settle.

As for making some site site changes. Why? It is your site
& will the benefits help you and the members.Not good to be
Dictated by someone else!

Hope this was helpful.


How do you know things won't go just as bad or even worse if you delay the re-launch.  I don't think you should delay it.  That's my opinion.

I feel I should not vote on the Alertpay issue.  You offer an option of STP, and when STP  or Paypal are offered as alternative to Alertpay, I use them.  Since the issues with Alertpay arose, I try to avoid using them.

I have no idea who the referenced "guru" is, but if delays can bring about improvement, then delay is good.



Hi there good buddy, hope your day is wonderful, and less stress filled.............Lol

A couple of deep breaths and an attitude of appreciation seems to work well for me!
What will a delay produce? Better results, or worse results.
I think your intuition will give you your answer, and your experience on the internet will help 
you to decide what needs to be done for the re-launch.

I think Alertpay had this planned last year, that's why all the changes- they
have been hashing out the details and just were not allowed to tell anyone.
The recent subscription charges need to be address directly to Alertpay.
I'm not confident you will get the response you want, of course I could be wrong?

The matter with your internet GURU entity, may be a little different....

How will it effect the overall continuity and control of The Power of One?
Will you be able to charge a fee for it's incorporation, and maintenance?
Will additional charges need to be implemented?
Will placements and the team builds change, and become beneficial?
Will the more active members see greater and better returns on their investments?
Is this a blessing in disguise?

I can guarantee these few questions are'nt the only ones running through your head....Lol

Maurice I feel you are fully capable to do anything you so choose......
You are definitely unique in your abilities to weigh out options, you have great intuition and a good servants heart. This is why you are a Great Leader!

I see you take these things seriously and give your teammates and friends ( Family) a chance to voice their concerns. You want everyone to have the same chance to win!
It's hard to find people with your convictions today......

I go with your decisions, I trust you will do what's best......
This may not be the response you were looking for; yet i feel you know where I stand.... we think a lot alike.

If it is not a win-win for everybody, it is not worth it!

Have a great day partner, Harold


Many more comments did indeed come in but, I'm sure you don't want to read these all day as I had to over the last 3 so here are the vote results.

  • 50% said to wait.
  • 40% said don't wait.
  • 10% said I have faith in what you decide

My Decision Is Your Decision:

Having taken serious consideration of all comments, I think Malcom gave me the right solution.

"AlertPay are 'changing' on the 14th - I would delay a week anyway to see if any Internet noise surfaced."

We will wait until the 21'st and see what happens before our official launch date is released to all Members and paid members will still be the first to get early movers advantage notice by email.

Platinum has already taken the place of Paid so you will want to upgrade before that date to get in on this huge advantage.

Please feel free to leave any further comments on our Blog as this update will be posted there. Just remember to follow the instructions for Commenting rules before posting your links and please do use the share buttons.

Your Vote - Your Way!

Maurice Bernier
Owner/Admin: TPOOI4L