Thursday, April 19, 2012

Power Of One Update. Pre Launch to Re-Launch Team Build Rotator Is Full.

Update For All Members.

I would just like to take this time and let you know that our "Pre Launch to Re-Launch" Teambuild co-op rotator is now full. Any Teambuild purchases between now and our launch date will go into the second rotator we add to our next Press release.

I have added 10,000 worldwide visitors and 25,000 US visitors to the pre-launch page to help increase sign-ups to your TPOOI4L (ThePowerOfOneIncome4Life) business!

If these guaranteed 25,000 US visitors prove to be a good source, they will continue on a monthly basis. This means that besides growing your BWF (Bonus Wealth Formula) payments;
Each Teambuild Co-op purchase should also provide you with more TPOOI4L sign-ups and extra income from all 3 new levels of membership.

This has proven to be the most successful Teambuild Co-op campaign to date and I would like to personally thank all participants for making it happen! 

A Sincere Thanks To All Of You!!!

If I've missed anyone, please accept my apology and email me by doing a support ticket in your back office so that I can add you to the list. This is also very important because you will also have to be added to our second Press release when we do it.

Rest assured that both John Kielec and I will work hard to make sure you receive the pay offs you all deserve. I now expect that BWF payment postings will pick up in the BWF forum as a result of this latest campaign and that is definitely as it should be.

One of the greatest thrills I personally have as a leader and mentor is seeing the results of my hard work. Especially when the pupil becomes the teacher but, the Greatest Thrill Of All Is Paying You Members!!!

For way too long corrupt business practices have ruled the Internet. John and I have proven that it doesn't have to happen that way and with our new launch, the masses will definitely begin to flock our way.

As this happens, our Platinum members will indeed get those repeat $10 - $30 - $60 payments from our 3 levels as well as repeat $9,000 BWF positions being filled.

Get ready people because it's about to happen and not as late as you think. Forget about May 15'th. We're gonna shock the world when this happens and like Christs' next coming, "Nobody Will Know When"!!! 

As usual, please do leave your thoughts & comments.
Many times, it's these that help us all to grow and improve our lives. You could be the next Guru and not even be aware of it.

Respectfully Your Servant In Business & Friendship,



Clara Nolt said...

Thanks Maurice! I'm looking forward to great things happening because of the teambuild co-op! You are doing a terrific job, both as a leader and a friend. Thank You!

Maurice Bernier said...

Hi Clara!

Your kind words are truly appreciated and hearing them is why I do what I do. I get no greater payback for helping others than the satisfaction comments like yours bring me.

I'm very proud to be your friend and Associate! I also look very much forward to continuing on with this wonderful releationship. Working with you on Skype is always a treat.

Enjoy your day Clara and God Bless you and yours!


Garry Stretch said...

Maurice you are always finding ways to improve our TPOOI4L businesses.I'm looking forward to working with you for a long time.Thank You.

Maurice Bernier said...

Thanks Garry!

Hopefully I can keep it coming so as not to disappoint anyone. I have so many plans with so little time! Maybe I'll have to quit blogging. lol


Harold Lamma said...

Thanks for placing my recently purchased Team-Build positions Maurice. I look forward to working with you more in the future; and what you do to help others to earn money online is a good thing.
I also want to thank you for the recent payments into my account; The Co-Op Team Build, and Gold Booster!!!

Two thumbs-up for>> ~The Power of One Income 4 Life~

Maurice Bernier said...

You're very welcome Harold. Thanks for stopping by and I'll look for you around 8:30am tomorrow morning on Skype.

Enjoy your day and be safe!