Monday, April 30, 2012

New IBOtoolbox Feature Added to Help Make Money at Home With The Help of Google Keywords Tool.

Paul Williams is the real deal and his ibotoolbox platform can really boost your traffic generation and website ranking no matter what you want to promote.

While in my weekly IBOtoolbox meeting this past Saturday, I learned of a new feature that can really increase your search results big time. By doing a simple 5 minutes work with google keywords tool, you can now create ibourls with your exact keywords embedded in them.

Immediately following the meeting, I decided this was too good a feature not to be taken advantage of so off I went to my Adwords account & google keywords tool. To me the process has become simple but, I will try to illustrate exactly what I did to create these special links.

The sites I used for my first "IBOURL.NET ALIASES" as they are known in IBO are listed below:

TPOOI4L Press Releases Became:
Pre Launch To Re-Launch Is Now:
TPOOI4L Education Pg:
And Finally Zeek Auctions Turned Into This:

Now by taking the links above and taking out the keywords I used after researching them, you end up with a Google keyword researched list as follows:

  • PowerOfOnePressReleases - PowerOfOne - Power of one - Press Releases - Press.
  • PrelaunchRelaunch - Prelaunch - Relaunch - Re-launch - Pre-launch.
  • howtomakemoney - makemoney - howto - how to - money.
  • education - education.
  • onlineauction - auction - online - online auction.

The bottom line of what this great new alias tool allows you to do is this. Your links can now have exact keywords to match anything you want to create on your blog or website. Something the google sniffers love to seek out when ranking in their search engine.

Although we all use "Tagged Words" or "Contextual Words" on our blogs and articles when writing, these links almost totally eliminate the need for them. Keyword here being almost so, I will definitely continue using them. Tagged and Contextual words are simply words you have in your articles that have links hidden/embedded on them.

It's been popular practice to use these tagged words as actual keywords when entering them on your blog for the SE's.

It isn't by accident that ibotoolbox was added to our TPOOI4L members back office referral builder. As a "FREE" website tool for increasing website ranking and traffic generation, there is nothing that compares when used properly.

When you add to the fact that ibo toolbox is ranked very highly with Google and Alexa, the possibilities of getting back links to your new IBO Keyword Aliases created are endless.

As usual, any comments or questions are always welcome so please do leave them before you go.

Maurice Bernier 


Katrina Oakley said...

Wow thats just great Maurice! Thanks for all you are doing for everyone! I know you are working very hard to make this a success for us all!

Maurice Bernier said...

Your welcome and thanks for your kind sentiments Kat. All I can do is what I do and hopefully make people happy along the way. Nothing makes me feel better than reading the acknowledgement you and others give me. The more I get from members, the harder I try to please.

Thanks for making my day!

Harold Lamma said...

Maurice, I really enjoy using IBO ToolBox when I get on their site...Haven't been there recently though. Yet, It is a phenomenal tool; I feel everyone should stop by and at least check it out.

Maurice Bernier said...

I couldn't agree more Harold. All I can do is show people the tools I use but the rest is up to them. At least you're smart enough to know the value of it.

Enjoy your day my friend!

July Jany said...

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Maurice Bernier said...

Glad you like it July and thanks for your compliment.

Come back anytime you would like to contribute to a topic. As long as it's not just spam of course.

All my best to you and yours!