Monday, April 30, 2012

New IBOtoolbox Feature Added to Help Make Money at Home With The Help of Google Keywords Tool.

Paul Williams is the real deal and his ibotoolbox platform can really boost your traffic generation and website ranking no matter what you want to promote.

While in my weekly IBOtoolbox meeting this past Saturday, I learned of a new feature that can really increase your search results big time. By doing a simple 5 minutes work with google keywords tool, you can now create ibourls with your exact keywords embedded in them.

Immediately following the meeting, I decided this was too good a feature not to be taken advantage of so off I went to my Adwords account & google keywords tool. To me the process has become simple but, I will try to illustrate exactly what I did to create these special links.

The sites I used for my first "IBOURL.NET ALIASES" as they are known in IBO are listed below:

TPOOI4L Press Releases Became:
Pre Launch To Re-Launch Is Now:
TPOOI4L Education Pg:
And Finally Zeek Auctions Turned Into This:

Now by taking the links above and taking out the keywords I used after researching them, you end up with a Google keyword researched list as follows:

  • PowerOfOnePressReleases - PowerOfOne - Power of one - Press Releases - Press.
  • PrelaunchRelaunch - Prelaunch - Relaunch - Re-launch - Pre-launch.
  • howtomakemoney - makemoney - howto - how to - money.
  • education - education.
  • onlineauction - auction - online - online auction.

The bottom line of what this great new alias tool allows you to do is this. Your links can now have exact keywords to match anything you want to create on your blog or website. Something the google sniffers love to seek out when ranking in their search engine.

Although we all use "Tagged Words" or "Contextual Words" on our blogs and articles when writing, these links almost totally eliminate the need for them. Keyword here being almost so, I will definitely continue using them. Tagged and Contextual words are simply words you have in your articles that have links hidden/embedded on them.

It's been popular practice to use these tagged words as actual keywords when entering them on your blog for the SE's.

It isn't by accident that ibotoolbox was added to our TPOOI4L members back office referral builder. As a "FREE" website tool for increasing website ranking and traffic generation, there is nothing that compares when used properly.

When you add to the fact that ibo toolbox is ranked very highly with Google and Alexa, the possibilities of getting back links to your new IBO Keyword Aliases created are endless.

As usual, any comments or questions are always welcome so please do leave them before you go.

Maurice Bernier 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Power Of One Update. Pre Launch to Re-Launch Team Build Rotator Is Full.

Update For All Members.

I would just like to take this time and let you know that our "Pre Launch to Re-Launch" Teambuild co-op rotator is now full. Any Teambuild purchases between now and our launch date will go into the second rotator we add to our next Press release.

I have added 10,000 worldwide visitors and 25,000 US visitors to the pre-launch page to help increase sign-ups to your TPOOI4L (ThePowerOfOneIncome4Life) business!

If these guaranteed 25,000 US visitors prove to be a good source, they will continue on a monthly basis. This means that besides growing your BWF (Bonus Wealth Formula) payments;
Each Teambuild Co-op purchase should also provide you with more TPOOI4L sign-ups and extra income from all 3 new levels of membership.

This has proven to be the most successful Teambuild Co-op campaign to date and I would like to personally thank all participants for making it happen! 

A Sincere Thanks To All Of You!!!

If I've missed anyone, please accept my apology and email me by doing a support ticket in your back office so that I can add you to the list. This is also very important because you will also have to be added to our second Press release when we do it.

Rest assured that both John Kielec and I will work hard to make sure you receive the pay offs you all deserve. I now expect that BWF payment postings will pick up in the BWF forum as a result of this latest campaign and that is definitely as it should be.

One of the greatest thrills I personally have as a leader and mentor is seeing the results of my hard work. Especially when the pupil becomes the teacher but, the Greatest Thrill Of All Is Paying You Members!!!

For way too long corrupt business practices have ruled the Internet. John and I have proven that it doesn't have to happen that way and with our new launch, the masses will definitely begin to flock our way.

As this happens, our Platinum members will indeed get those repeat $10 - $30 - $60 payments from our 3 levels as well as repeat $9,000 BWF positions being filled.

Get ready people because it's about to happen and not as late as you think. Forget about May 15'th. We're gonna shock the world when this happens and like Christs' next coming, "Nobody Will Know When"!!! 

As usual, please do leave your thoughts & comments.
Many times, it's these that help us all to grow and improve our lives. You could be the next Guru and not even be aware of it.

Respectfully Your Servant In Business & Friendship,


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Power Of One Update. Pre Launch to Re-Launch!

Greetings to all TPOOI4L friends and welcome to those who have recently joined us during these very exciting times!

This is a very special email on Pre-Launch to Re-Launch which you should read totally and very carefully pay close attention to.

Please get rid of all your distractions now or don't go one step further as Time is not in your favor here!

This will be a huge promotion with not only the PR but purchased advertising for all participants as well.

We will be placing a Teambuild Rotator link with Your referral IDs in the next Press release and Blog as well as having the main site links installed in the proposed new sign-up buttons on the Sneak Peak page.

If viewers decide to go for the sneak peak and click on one of those buttons, they will go directly to the sign-up page where they will be placed under Teanmbuild members as they come in.

So anyone who clicks on the rotator link will go directly to your own affiliate sites and the other link will also produce sign-ups for you all.

Another Press release will go out on launch day with the same links in it. (Double Whammy Effect) For each of the Press releases above, you will get one link weight for each Teambuild purchase.

So if you purchase 10, 10 of your links will be in the rotator disguised as an IBO URL. If we get more than 25 links per rotator, I will add more press releases to cover the extra links and insure good results for all over time!

I don't think anyone can afford to purchase 10 but if you can and are thinking about it reply Here to arrange a very nice special discount with your own dedicated to you Press release and only your link of choice on top of inclusion for the Pre and Relaunch PRs!

Also once we launch the new site, for the first time I will arrange for Teambuild members who participate in this to have a password so that you can view the Press release stats for yourselves.

What you Teambuild purchases should definitely do is use the share buttons on the Press releases as often as you can which will explode the views and sign-ups!

Teambuild means Teambuild effort for all so you should want to do this anyway. Think of what a regular daily tweet set up through WidgetQuik or another platform will do for your sign-up rates if we all do this.

We could add millions of views simply by doing this! Same goes for the Facebook, Stumble, and Delicious shares not to mention the power Linkedin has!

Can you see the "Power" yet?

This is what I do regularly and is why I am second to only John Kielec (the master) with TPOOI4L referrals. Yes! he does make more than me in TPOOI4L and so can you if you work at it. In fact, I'm sure you have more time on your hands to promote TPOOI4L than I do.

I will also be purchasing thousands of hits and views for the same links which is above and beyond what I normally do for these Teambuild purchases!

Here Are The Next 3 Teambuild Members In Exact Order Scheduled to receive TPOOI4L sign-ups as they come in. We gave 5 away this week with 1 Paid member going to Clara Nolt. Congratulations Clara!
  1. Hans Peter Spadin 
  2. Corey Blackmur 
  3. Lennie Conger 
Here is the Keyword research I've done and what I will be using. Different Keywords may be used for each PR but the research will be done for best results on each!

The following Keywords for our next Press release and Blog post all have low competition standings with Google adwords search results.

"Power Of One Announces Website Launch. Our Pre Launch to Re-Launch!"

"Power Of One'
Global Monthly - 823,000 - 246,000 local Monthly searches.

Global Monthly - 90,500 - 27,100 local Monthly searches.

"website launch"
60.500 Global Monthly - 18,100 - local Monthly searches.

"pre launch"
49,500 Global Monthly - 14,800 local Monthly searches.

Free members can buy their Teambuilds through this page while upgrading at the same time.

NOTE that upgrading this way only subscribes you for 3 months and you will have to re-subscribe yourself to your own level of choosing in 3 months time or be set back to Free and lose your Teambuild promotions! The best thing to dois upgrade first then purchase. That way you will also save about 8%.

Paid members can buy their Teambuilds through this one:

Remember, with each purchase, you also get a new $9,000.00 position with our BWF/GB and instant earnings!

Just below is exactly what the viewers will see and be clicking on for the Sneak Peek page on the different level sign-up buttons. Once signed up and after Launch, they will be able to choose whatever level suits their budget which will provide different commissions for all you Teambuild members.

Why? Because you will all be Platinum members so you will get paid for both Silver & Gold sign-ups as well as Platinum!

New Sneak Peak Page:

I'll definitely see you in Happy Land especially after the new launch!

Your Friend and Business Partner,

Maurice Bernier

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