Friday, February 17, 2012

Make Money At Home and Produce Extra Cash Flow Through Your Advertising Campaigns!

Today I'll show you how to use your advertising campaigns to make money online. There are a multitude of new trendy websites surfacing that provide you with extra cash flow simply by advertising with them. All you do is become an affiliate member, purchase an upgraded subscription, start referring others to cover your monthly costs and then bank the extra money you make from referring.

Not Through Surf Exchanges.

Surf exchanges have been around almost since the Internet began and although they will produce hits to your website, not much money can be earned from them. The main reason being that they pay very low referral fees and emphasize more on paying you through extra credits.

I personally have some SEs in my advertising arsenal but, only to purchase from them and I can't even remember the last time I did that. I also began shying away from them when viruses started popping up on my PC from actually surfing.

"I don't know what your thinking is but, my PC is my bread basket and I definitely won't chance losing it."

I could go on and on with safelists, text/banner ad exchanges, etc... but, I just want to show you what I'm using and what works.

How Real Money Through Advertising Campaigns Is Produced.

A successful website owner duplicates what works and stays away from what doesn't. This same owner may have hundreds of websites all over the Internet that he can post his clients advertising on.

This is simply beautiful and here's why it works so well:

Let's assume the owner has just 10 websites with an average of 2,000 members in each. That's 20,000 members in total (A very reserved figure since many have over 30,000 in each.)

Now this same owner creates website #11 with a referral plan for the sole purpose of creating extra cash flow through advertising. He inserts a low monthly membership fee in exchange for referral commissions, text and banner ad credits to be distibuted through his whole network of sites.

What if he has 20 websites?
How about if he has a reach of millions?
Do you see the real beauty of this yet?

Now that's what I'm talkin about!
Real prospects, visitors and sign-ups while generating a great extra income from your advertising efforts through website #11.

This is what I do that works and here is my latest resource which has been created by a very well known networker!

See you on the inside,

Maurice Bernier


Keith said...

Great info

Maurice Bernier said...

Thanks Keith!
I'm glad you liked it.

Harold Lamma said...

Thanks again for the informative bog. I also have several Se's in my arsenal, and really don't use them much for advertising.
I still use just a couple though, mostly to build a down-line.
It's always good to use the power of compounding!

Katrina Oakley said...

Maurice! You are the best! We all love great cash back advertising!

Salley Dowsett said...

Thank you for the info on advertising. I am just learning about the benefits of earning from advertising resources. It really is pretty sweet.

Blog said...

I agree with you Maurice. Traffic Exchanges and Safelists are a source of advertising but take a lot of time and usually do not get the results we would like for the time spend surfing for credits.

James said...

Hi Maurice,

Cash back advertising and TEAM work is the best waay to finally earn money online! Thanks for all you do to help the "average" persson.

Eddie Garcia said...

I used to use these sources for trying to get leads but not anymore. They do take too much time and time is money. I now use social platforms, my blogs and Skype. I have no complaints as to the leads they are generating and I am happy with the results. Tks for the post Maurice and the great blog.

Maurice Bernier said...

It's always good to hear from you Harold. Thanks for participating and sorry for the late reply to your great feedback!

Maurice Bernier said...

Katrina, I know your feelings are sincere and please do come back if you want to comment on how this new resource has worked out for you. Good or bad.

Cash Back Teambuild With Banners by Maurice! said...

Hi Salley!

You're very welcome and thanks for taking time out of your schedule to share your feelings with us. Please do come back often.

Maurice Bernier said...

Thanks Brenda!

It's always nice to hear from someone who has experienced the same results and please know that I do highly regard your opinions.

Even More Cash Back From Maurice! said...

You're very welcome James. Sorry for the late reply but, time is something I've been short on lately. Please do come back often and I'll try to get better with my replies!

Maurice Bernier said...

You're very welcome Eddie!

Perhaps you could come back and share one of your Blog posts some time. Always interested in seeing what works and what doesn't for generating sales!

Garry Stretch said...

It is always cool to find something that will pay you for doing what you are already doing. Thanks

Maurice Bernier said...
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Maurice Bernier said...

Thanks Garry, I'm glad you appreciate it buddy! Hey, you might want to read the linking instructions up top and fix your link since it doesn't open! lol Enjoy your day my friend!

Mike Hall said...

I can personally say you will not get bettervalue here or better servive,any problems and the response is quick to say the least.
I have paid out to join the team build co-op also and I know that having Maurice Bernier and John Keilac on my side I cannot lose so bring it on I am ready
regards Mike Hall

Maurice Bernier said...

Thanks for those kind words Mike!
Seeing comments like these is why we do what we do to help. Knowing we may make a positive difference in the lives of others is the big pay day and what you have stated here has been that moment for me this week.

Thanks for making my day and especially for being such a loyal TPOOI4L friend!

May God always keep you and yours in a safe place my friend.