Friday, November 25, 2011

Ezine Article Marketing As Compared To Blogs For Targeted Buyers.

How Do Ezines Match Up In Comparison To Blogs For Targeted Buyers?
When using Ezines to build traffic through article marketing, most will not allow an affiliate url in the article. For this reason alone and others that I will go through, you need to have a blog!

When writing articles in Ezines, you are allowed to put your author signature file in and in most cases, that's all you're allowed for links. By writing an article and setting your blog url as your author signature url, you can then redirect the reader to your blog where you can have any link you choose. So all you have to do is think of your Ezine article as a traffic sign that points your readers to where you really want them to go and that's where all your money making links are!

So now your saying, Then Why Use Ezines to Begin With Right?
The main reason for using Ezines is that they come with a large list of subscribers that will see your article when it gets published. These same Ezines also offer paid advertising for their subscribers but by getting your article published with them, you are getting recognition of your own as an expert in your field while getting even better advertising at zero cost. Except for your time of course. Many of their subscribers will also become your blog subscribers. Are you beginning to see the power of this yet?

And just remember that it all starts with the great Thesaurus!

Another great benefit of using Ezine article marketing is that thousands of Ezines exist that will always be looking for fresh content to show their subscribers. That means they will search other Ezines and are quite likely to pick up your article, give you credit for it and show it to their subscribers as well. All of this action eventually leading to your blog giving you even more subscribers and loyal customers.

In Summary:

Article marketing through Ezines is simply a tool to get buyers to your Blog who will then purchase through your links. The money all exists through your blog so now I hope you understand why you need it.

A breakdown of the simple process:

  • Use the two in combination. 
  • Make sure all the content is your own. 
  • Make sure your article relates to the same topic as your blog post. 
  • Write regularly on both (At least once weekly).
  • Make your Thesaurus your best friend.
  • Reep The Rewarding Results Of Your Hard Work And Determination!

If you enjoyed this series, stay tuned for more ways of getting targeted buyers to your new online business and please do share it with your other social friends or associates.


Johnny Lee said...

Ezines have long been an excellent source of new leads! Thanks for detailing the process.

Maurice said...

Your very welcome Johnny and please do come back often! It's good to see you here. I've also sent you an invite in IBO but no pressures. lol

Harold Lamma said...


Another great article on your blog post.The information and techniques you provide here will be of great value to me. Your summary and tips gives more than adequate knowledge to even the beginner.

Regards, Harold

Maurice said...

Glad you like it Harold and I will do my best to keep you liking them. lol

Work At Home said...

Hello Maurice,

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As you have explained rightly, besides offering valuable information in an article, it is crucial to have an author's box or "signature" that will allow you to earn money from your article marketing efforts.

To do this, the traffic that comes to your article at must somehow be re-directed to your own website or blog and to do this, the article must lead the reader to click through to your own site or blog for finding the perfect solution to whatever problem has to be solved. A good "call to action" in the author's resource box is the key to success with ezine article market

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allystewart said...

Hi Maurice.

I really love the idea of using article marketing to get visitors to my website.

Thank you for writing this.


Article writer said...

This is nice article about “Ezine Article writing”. I am an old writer, but a new blogger, and your help has been invaluable. Thanks for sharing your Ezine Article writing knowledge with us! Have a great day. :)

Maurice Bernier said...

You are very welcome Article writer. Please do come back anytime to add your comments ask questions or just browse what we publish. It's always great to hear what others think or read what they can contribute.

All my best to you and yours for a "Merry Christmas!"