Friday, November 25, 2011

Ezine Article Marketing As Compared To Blogs For Targeted Buyers.

How Do Ezines Match Up In Comparison To Blogs For Targeted Buyers?
When using Ezines to build traffic through article marketing, most will not allow an affiliate url in the article. For this reason alone and others that I will go through, you need to have a blog!

When writing articles in Ezines, you are allowed to put your author signature file in and in most cases, that's all you're allowed for links. By writing an article and setting your blog url as your author signature url, you can then redirect the reader to your blog where you can have any link you choose. So all you have to do is think of your Ezine article as a traffic sign that points your readers to where you really want them to go and that's where all your money making links are!

So now your saying, Then Why Use Ezines to Begin With Right?
The main reason for using Ezines is that they come with a large list of subscribers that will see your article when it gets published. These same Ezines also offer paid advertising for their subscribers but by getting your article published with them, you are getting recognition of your own as an expert in your field while getting even better advertising at zero cost. Except for your time of course. Many of their subscribers will also become your blog subscribers. Are you beginning to see the power of this yet?

And just remember that it all starts with the great Thesaurus!

Another great benefit of using Ezine article marketing is that thousands of Ezines exist that will always be looking for fresh content to show their subscribers. That means they will search other Ezines and are quite likely to pick up your article, give you credit for it and show it to their subscribers as well. All of this action eventually leading to your blog giving you even more subscribers and loyal customers.

In Summary:

Article marketing through Ezines is simply a tool to get buyers to your Blog who will then purchase through your links. The money all exists through your blog so now I hope you understand why you need it.

A breakdown of the simple process:

  • Use the two in combination. 
  • Make sure all the content is your own. 
  • Make sure your article relates to the same topic as your blog post. 
  • Write regularly on both (At least once weekly).
  • Make your Thesaurus your best friend.
  • Reep The Rewarding Results Of Your Hard Work And Determination!

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Friday, November 18, 2011

How To Get Buyers By Building Traffic To Your New Online Business. Part 2

Cliff-hangers are great aren't they?
Sorry to leave you hanging like that but, I wanted to give you some incentive to return.
lol is the only tool you really need to write successfully on the Internet or anywhere else for that matter! Hope you didn't think I was going to show you some secret push button magic software or something of that nature.

The fact is that this is about the best tool I or probably any other writer has when creating articles, press releases or even great novels. It has a dictionary, shows synonyms (words meaning the same thing), antonyms (words meaning the opposite) and even gives you examples of these words being used in sentences. Just like when you were back in school. Remember those days?

Article Writing For Traffic.

You've probably heard this a thousand times before but, article writing for traffic and targeted buyers is to this day still one of the best forms of getting your business noticed Online. Although everyone talks about Ezine Articles as being the top ranked Ezine for driving traffic to your site, there are literally hundreds of others that you can post to. Just do a search on Google for "Ezines" and you will find them instantly.

Try to pick the ones with the most readers when selecting an Ezine and read the instructions they have for posting your articles before you start.

All you need to do is write one article, create different versions of it by using your Thesaurus to find synonyms and change about 1/3'rd of the words by picking different words for each article to change!

Although this too can be time consuming, it is much more worth the effort and will produce you more targeted buyers. After all, people reading your article probably found it by doing a search and are interested in your topic to begin with. This is another benefit of writing your own articles. Search engines love them because they are fresh content.

Last but not least, dot your i's cross your t's and always check your spelling!

Write To Your Audience Like They Are Your Best Friend. Not A Prospect.

When writing your articles, be sure to type it out as you would speak it to your best friend standing in the room with you. Be sincere and above all else, do not lie to sell your product or brand awareness. It's too easy to get caught and most liers do get caught eventually!

Deal with the facts of your business, only the facts and you will do just fine. Doesn't matter if it's an affiliate site here or your own. Treat your audience like you would like to be treated as a reader. You don't like hype or lies when reading do you?

Getting fresh live targeted buyers is actually easy once you learn how to put in practice the writing skills you develop as you learn.

In summary, writing is the best way to get real live targeted buyers to any website, Ezines will help get you noticed through article writing and a thesaurus is the tool of all tools for doing it properly!

But How Do Ezines Match Up In Comparison To Blogs For Targeted Buyers?
Guess we'll have to wait till later to find that out!

Friday, November 11, 2011

How To Get Buyers By Building Traffic To Your New Online Business.

Getting targeted traffic & buyers for your business.
Do you know how?

If you're choosing to take the route of promoting products through affiliate sites such as Clickbank, they will provide you with plenty of promotion tools to get the word out but, all you will get for knowledge on building traffic (9 out of 10 times) is a list of surf exchanges, safelists, or text ad exchanges to join. My opinion on these is that they are way to outdated for the Internet as it is today. They do work but the time you will have to spend on surfs to get 1 signup in my honest opinion, is definitely not worth it. Not to mention that they can become very addictive!
I classify safelists in the same category but with the big difference being on time spent. It will probably take you half the time to join 10 safelists and put an add out than it takes to get 1 signup from a surf exchange. The only problem with safelists is that you will be very lucky if anyone actually clicks on your ad. 

Text ad exchanges don't have much more to offer than any of the two mentioned above but, I do feel they perform a little better for the time spent. The bottom line on all 3 is this. Any contact you make as a potential prospect or customer using these methods are all out to sell you something. With these types of contacts, what do you think your odds are that they will buy from you?
My experience has shown me that it's about 1 in 20,000 if not more!

A good affiliate program will not only provide you with all the tools necessary to promote your business but, they will also show you how to use those tools and provide you with good clear instructions on how to drive targeted buyers to your affiliate website. If the program you've chosen as an affiliate doesn't provide this, my very strong advice to you is; Leave It Now While Your Wallet's Still Full.

Go ahead and do a search on Google for the term "Affiliate Programs" to find another but, beware of the millions that are just like the one you just left !

So what are the best ways to get targeted traffic & buyers to your new online business?

Here it is in one huge nutshell:

That's exactly all you need to do and there are literally 100's if not thousands of tools to help you do it. Whoah! Wait just a minute here horsey! Hundreds of 1,000's is more like the real number here.

GOD, please spank me now!

Okay I get it. Now you're saying:
But I'm not a good writer!

And I'm saying:

Wah! Wah! Wah! Close your browser you 
big fricken whiner!
Are you in business to make money or not?
Are you capable of learning or what?
If I give you just one "Free tool" that will make you an excellent writer for your business success, will you learn to use it?

Well alrighty then here it is:

To Be Continued Next Week ..... 


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